A Moving Check List You Can Count On

As you’re preparing for your long-distance move, you have a lot to do. How can you keep your tasks in order when preparing for a long-distance move? Make a checklist. Moving can be a stressful and chaotic process. From determining which items you will be taking to handling utilities and change of addresses, moving can be hard. Plus, there’s the actual planning, packing and so on that goes into moving. OCD Moving Services has been helping people move for over five years. We understand the stress that a home move causes, and we’re here to ease that stress. Among the most helpful moving tips, we offer our customers is to follow a moving checklist. A checklist will keep you organized and on track throughout the period leading up to Moving Day. Stay focused on essential tasks by following the list below.

Your Moving Checklist for a Stress-Free Home Move

One month before moving Day

During this time, you’ll want to contact, schedule, and hire professional movers as soon as you know you’re moving. It’s important to hire trusted home movers early, so you get the moving Day you want.

Next, beginning cleaning various areas of your house. You can start cleaning out the closets, attic, garage, and other rooms containing items you don’t use every Day. After that, start changing your local address where necessary. You’ll have to change your address for mail, insurance, school records, and so on.

Next, purchase moving boxes and packing supplies to help get things started. OCD Moving Services offers a wide variety of moving and packing supplies to fit all your long-distance moving needs. Also, start decluttering your house. You can hold a garage sale or sell some belongings you don’t need anymore. Also, think about selling any unneeded furniture to online stores that buy and sell used furniture.

One to two weeks before Moving Day

At this point, start canceling anything that’s tied to what will eventually be your old home. You’ll want to change the Internet, cable, newspapers, and any labor services you get for your home. Also, call your local utility companies and make sure they know which Day to stop charging your old home address. 

Now, this is the somewhat hard part – start packing! It’s so important to start packing early. Trust us, packing soon will save you a lot of stress in the future for your long-distance move. Go room by room, so you don’t overwhelm yourself. Make sure to label and organize boxes accurately, so your professional movers know where to put things. Also, be smart about your grocery shopping. Don’t buy too much food that you will have to throw away. Make sure you cook all your frozen food before you go as well.

What to do the week of moving Day

Moving week has come! Now, what to do? You should be finishing up any last-minute cleaning around your home. Make sure everything looks nice for when you’re officially out of your home. Also, continue packing all of your belongings and try to finish before Moving Day. For items you don’t need anymore, donate them to a charity or sell them, if possible. If you have kids or pets, make a plan that fits their needs as well. Determine where they will be while your trusted Bay Area moving company is moving your items. Also, if you’re moving far, book a hotel room if you need to stop on the way. Make sure to mail in any change of address forms. Lastly, check with your real estate agent or previous owner of your new home about taking them the keys.

What to do the Day before moving Day

The day before moving day, make sure you’re in constant contact with your trusted moving company. Double-check that everything is ready for your moving Day. OCD Moving Services will send a pre-move letter to you confirming all details for moving Day. Next, make sure to remove all breakable items from dresser drawers and pack them away. You should also take out cash to hold you over during the moving process. Having cash on hand will come in handy when ordering food to feed everything. Also, make sure you have the cash to tip your movers. They’ll appreciate you if you do!

Lastly, perform one final cleaning of your home and appliances.

What to do on Moving Day

Moving Day has come! What do you do to stay organized on the Big Day? First, you’ll want to pack an essentials bag for items you’ll want to access immediately at your new home. Pack anything from chargers to toothbrushes and snacks. Also, make sure to create a clear moving path inside and outside your home for your local movers. They will need a clear and open space in which to operate. With that said, make sure you keep children and animals out of the way of your professional Bay Area movers. Also, make sure you’re home when your Bay Area moving company arrives. You should be accessible to your professional movers should they have any questions.

Once your local movers have everything onto the moving truck, perform one final walkthrough of your home. Make sure you don’t leave anything behind. Last, but certainly not least, say goodbye to your neighbors!

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