Your Complete Guide To Handling A Long-Distance Move Perfectly

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Moving can get stressful, especially when it’s not a local move but a cross country/state one. You always want to be prepared for such a move! Remember, it’s not a joke. After all, moving hundreds of packages to hundreds of miles is not an easy task. You might have to face various relocation challenges. But stress no more, because we bring you here a complete guide to efficiently handle a long-distance move! 

Making a long-distance move is the next big step in your life, a leap of faith. During this time, what you need is the right movers and packers company. But what you need more are some tips to handle the move successfully! Long-distance move demands careful planning and sorting. First, learn the differentiation between a local move and a long-distance move. Once you’ve come to that understanding, start with the pre-packing process. 

A Complete Guide To Long-Distance Moving 

With CA Movers, you don’t have to worry. We come with a complete guide of the step-by-step process. 

  • First comes the survey! 

When you’re moving to an unknown place, you would want to do a little survey to prepare yourself for the move. The preparation of a cross-country move is always difficult and critical. Hence, knowing your way in and out is the best way to go for it. 

  • You don’t want to test your DIY skills now!

If it were a local move, you could trust yourself to do it. But considering this is a big move, you really do not want to risk it by packing and moving everything by yourself. It’s impossible. The best thing to do is to hire professionals to help you make your home moving operation successful. Find a reputable and reliable movers and packers company in your surroundings!

  • Pre-packing

Ensuring that your stuff is packed carefully is a task in itself. Create a checklist of all the items to be packed and dumped. This way, you won’t be missing out on any. Focus on the urgent and more important tasks and do those first. Sort out and segregate your belongings to carry out an organized packing process. Hiring a moving company becomes necessary because they are experts in this job. They know the system in and out, which will make your lives a lot easier. They use all the safety measures and packaging materials required to pack your items. Use quality materials to pack.

There are high chances of fragile items breaking in the moving process. Hence, one should always use quality materials to pack and the right tools to unpack. 

  • Keep a count of boxes. 

Always keep a count of how much you’ve packed. During a long-distance move, your items will be handled by many workers. They’ll get loaded and unloaded in several trucks due to a long haul. Keeping a check on the number of boxes will help you identify what’s missing and what’s not. This also makes the whole unpacking process easier. 

Important Tips While You Pack Your Stuff For Long-Distance Moving 

1. Cut down on your list of items.

Take only those items which are utmost necessary. Otherwise, you’ll be adding more load and budget to the moving process. Donate, sell, dump & toss! 

2. Always pack your mattress in a box.

Have you ever heard of brown boxes? Use them when you have heavy materials to carry. Professional moving service providers provide their own moving trucks for a long-distance move. This way, the whole process becomes stress-free. 

3. Don’t pack food or liquids.

Since it’s a long-distance move, it’s not advisable to pack any food or liquids. There are chances of perishable food going bad and spilling too. So you would want to ditch that option altogether.  

4. Padding is essential, so is labeling. 

Ensure all your boxes/items are labeled. Organized boxes are the key to an easy unpacking process. Mark each of the boxes with your name and other details so that even if they get mixed/lost in transit, they can be traced.

We all know how big of a task it is to change houses, move countries, filling out the change of address form, and a lot more. OCD Moving Services are here to better your journey. From moving and packing to handling meltdowns and unpacking at your doorstep, we do it all. 

Why Choosing A Reliable Moving Company is Important?

You’re making a long-distance move. There’s a lot to pack, unpack, dump, and take care of. Doing all of it yourself takes up stress. Rather, hiring home moving services to do so helps a lot in such situations. These are professionals who know how the system works in and out! They can help you enter your next phase of life stress-free and with utmost trust. In such situations, you want your things to be taken care of. Hence, choosing the right moving company becomes important. Additionally, you also want your company to understand your needs while the big move is happening. We, at OCD Moving Service, understand what our customers need and help them in the best way possible. As a family-owned company, we consider you a part of us. Thus, creating long-distance move seamless and transitional. 

About The Company:

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