The Complete Checklist To Consider When Planning A Move

The Complete Checklist To Consider When Planning A Move

It is time to face the truth! No matter how exciting shifting to a new house might sound like, moving activity is quite stressful. There are endless things to plan when it comes to packing, sorting, and getting rid of unnecessary things. On top of that, you need to look into formal proceedings for address changes and other such issues. To help you plan it out well, here’s a complete checklist guide for you! This includes choosing the Bay area movers and much more.


What checklist should you consider?

There are different aspects that should be present in your checklist, depending on the time remaining before the move. To make sure you don’t skip out on anything, it is essential to do things in proper order. You can make a checklist of items as per priority to make sure you complete everything timely. Keep reading to understand the right list for each period!


6-8 weeks before the move

Here’s what you need to do 6-8 weeks before you move to a new place:


Start researching

This means that you need to start exploring your options for Bay area movers. Contact a few agencies and set up appointments for their visits. Gather their reviews and call them for quote estimation.


A moving binder

Make a moving binder to keep track of all details regarding the Bay area movers that you are contacting. You need to have a mini inventory of all the necessary information with you at all times. You could even have a checklist for the different items and types of documents in this binder.


Segregating utilities

While moving and packing, you understand that there are a lot of extra things in the house which you are not using. So, check things and have a ‘use it or lose it’ kind of approach. Make sure you sort these minute things at least six weeks prior to the move.


Four weeks before the move

Now that only a month is remaining to check the following things off from your list:


Confirm the moving service

Use your binder of Bay area movers and compare the reviews as well as estimations. Check out the quotes that each of the Bay area movers in your binder. Make the right choice and confirm them for your moving date.


Packing infrequently used items

Now that the moving date is nearing, you begin with a few things to avoid the last-minute rush. For instance, pack the things that you don’t use very frequently. You can wrap things like waffle iron, clothes of different weather, old books, etc. in this period.


Taking care of address changes

Merely making a booking for the right Bay area movers is not enough. You still have quite a few tasks at hand if you are moving to a new place. Gather all your medical and financial records in one place. Check out the different places at which you need to make a request for the address change. Look carefully through all your connections and notify them about the same.


Two weeks before the move

The crucial moving period begins in this phase. Here’s what you need to keep a check on:


Take care of bank and safe deposits

In case you are changing your bank too, or are making a long-distance move, this is a crucial point in the checklist. You will have to visit the safe deposit office or your bank to ensure a proper arrangement for account transfer or closing. This is solely dependent on your needs and the situation of the move.

Planning A Move

Get confirmation for arrangements

Once all this is set, take confirmation from your Bay area movers once again to make sure things are on track. Also, ensure that you have permission to leave from the workplace during the move period.


Separate out the valuable items

There are important things like jewelry, personal belongings, special gifts, etc. which need extra care. Therefore, you need to pack them properly and keep them aside safely. This is something that you will be carrying yourself to the new home rather than sending it along with other items of the house.


The week of the move

The stress is usually more in this period. Therefore, here are the final bits of the checklist:


Double-check for details

Planning a move requires ample time and effort. Double-check through each of the things. The day of the move is nearing, and you don’t want to miss out on anything important in the midst of it. Take care of your new home’s arrangements and the moving essential that your Bay area movers might be required from you.


Have the payment ready

You should arrange for the payments that you will have to make to the Bay area movers. Also, make sure you have some extra funds available as moving often involves unavoidable last-minute expenses too.


Take care of essentials

In case you have pets or children in the house, it is not advisable to have them around while packing and moving is going on. Therefore, make arrangements for them properly. Also, wrap up your cover your carpets, rugs, etc. properly to protect them from any damage during the move.


After dealing with this checklist, you are all set to move out! On the day, all you have to do is keep a check on things and relax. You can relax as the packers and movers will take care of the move entirely. All that matters is that you do things in a proper sequence and make the right choice of packers and movers to help you move.


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