What Type Of Commercial Services Are Provided?

There is a wide range of commercial services that are provided at the agency. There are many commercial movers Bay Area that you can pick from. Some of these are industrial moving, office moves as well as warehouse moving. Besides these facilities, there is short term storage space as well for transitional moves. Transitional move refers to the period when your contract at one place ends, and there is still some time for the new tenancy to begin. Packing and unpacking can be quite tedious. Only such Bay Area commercial movers having a dedicated team can resolve the issue.

There are many business houses that are looking for the opportunity to remodel their existing place or trying to expand. Professional commercial movers are trained in this task. The OCD Moving Services has been rated five stars and is considered to be the go-to company for all kinds of businesses. Only Bay Area commercial movers can give you the desired outcome and full client satisfaction.


What is included in the package by the professionals?


  You can dump or recycle old furniture:

New furniture may often be expensive. Old ones can be recycled with a little polishing and touch up. They will look as good as new, and you will be able to save a lot.

  Electronic recycling:

E-waste a major concern on a global scale at the moment. E-waste takes millions of years to decompose fully. Recycling electronic waste can be wonderful. There is a lot that can be done, and several ideas can be surfed online to get the best results.

  Short term storage service:

Storage services are important when you hire any packer and mover. It is not always necessary that you will instantly be able to make space for everything in the new office. In fact, transitional moves also need the help of storage space.

  Aquarium store movers:

Aquarium store commercial movers help to take everything safely without damaging the items.

  Moving heavy commercial equipment:

Last but definitely not the least, OCD Moving Services can move heavy commercial equipment. It includes all machinery and factory equipment too.


Why should you choose OCD Moving Services?


  Flexible hours:

Flexible work hours mean that there is no fixed time when you can contact the company. The agency works according to your convenience. The aim is one hundred percent customer satisfaction.

  Last-minute moves:

It often happens that you pick movers, but they cancel the service at the last minute. Instead of panicking in such a situation, the best solution is OCD Moving Services because last-minute moves are also possible hassle-free. 

  No hidden fees:

Companies often charge you hidden fees for the smallest of facility they provide. However, there are no such terms and conditions to bother you here. You pay exactly what the initial deal says.


Honesty is the driving force of this company, which is why clients can rely on them that no item will be damaged or misplaced.

  Every move is possible:

OCD Moving Services has proper resources as well as expertise for every size move, whenever you demand it. There is no restriction and complete reliability.

What other facilities do you get?

  •   Skilled workforce: A skilled workforce is vital. You are going to pack and move valuable items. You cannot afford to lose any of it. Sometimes, companies lose things while moving them. This can cause damage to you. But, OCD Moving Services ensures that the staff knows their work well, and your items are safe and secure. Each member of the services gets proper training so that they know they work well. 
  •   Professional advice: A client knows his/her needs the best. But, only the professionals at Bay Area commercial movers understand the work efficiently. It often happens that you may not be able to decide which package to choose or what service will be best. That is when you need someone reliable to hold your hand and guide you through the process. OCD Moving Services is a team that can give you the best professional advice. With years of experience, they know the common mistakes that clients make. 


Which areas are covered?

The scale of operations is massive for this Bay Area movers. So many agencies have been using OCD’s services because of the unmatched quality of service. There have been many competitors in the same line, but all failed to reach this level of excellence in service and relationship development. The areas covered are as follows:

  •   El Sobrante, CA
  •   San Francisco, CA
  •   Walnut Creek, CA
  •   San Leandro, CA
  •   San Ramon, CA
  •   Dublin, CA
  •   Pleasant Hill, CA
  •   Orinda, CA


About OCD Moving Services

OCD Moving Services works with the sole aim of ensuring that your packing and moving experience is high quality. The company engages in all types of moving. Moreover, it also accommodates last-minute moving needs into the schedule. Moving from one place to the other can be very tiring, and the team is dedicated to making your lives easier. Every member of the team has proper training and experience in the field. Your items are valuable not just to you but also to the person handling your move. The people recognize it as the top Commercial movers Bay area. Its service range covers a number of areas that have extensive use of the services already, and new clients join every day. 

It is fast and easy to access the moving service. The reliability is unmatched by any other company in this particular field at this point. The commercial movers have proper training and understand all your needs. There is a chance for you to get a free consultation from the company. This is your chance to discuss any moving-related problems that you face. The team will definitely give you the correct advice. Other means to contact the team are very simple. You can drop them an email at any time of the day, and they will definitely respond as soon as possible. There is local moving, long-distance moving as well as home and piano moving services. Moving has never been this easy! 

The sudden and immense impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. We take the necessary measures to ensure your safety.