Are You Ready To Move? Top Things You Should Prepare Before Moving

Moving from one place to another can be a very tiring and tedious task. Whether you are moving from one city to another city or from one state to another state, moving tends to give you all kinds of worries. In such a time of worry, companies like OCD Moving Services can make it easier. OCD moving services is one of the best amongst the bay area local moving services. The reason it claims to be the best moving company is the quality of its services. Now, the question is, are you ready to move? How do you know if you are fully prepared for it? This blog tells about the top things that you need to look into before you are ready for a move.

Are you ready to move yet?


Packing and moving involve a lot of planning. How prepared are you for executing the move? Different times of the preparation require different kinds of tasks to be completed. To know if you all ready for the move, ask yourself these questions in different phases of the preparation:


Two months before moving: What to take care of?

Here are a few things to look into when about two months remain before moving:


Have you started with the research yet?

This suggests that you need to start looking into your options of the bay area movers. This research shall include researching and understanding the services they are offering and whether it is worth the price they are charging you.

Where are you keeping track of the things?

You should be prepared with a moving record with you. This moving record shall have information about all the bay area local moving services that you have looked into. The moving record can also have an account of all your possessions. This record would act as an essential checklist too later when you are a few days away from moving.

How sorted are your possessions?

When you are packing and moving, you often realize that you possess so many things that you would be better off without. It is essential to sort out all your possessions on the basis of what is necessary and what isn’t. Just pack the ones you would need in your new house. Think about what needs to be done about the rest of the utilities and get rid of them. This would save you from unnecessary hoarding. Thus, letting go of such trivial, unnecessary things would be beneficial for you.


One month before moving: The planning gets more intense

Now that only a month remains, the questions will cater to a much deeper preparation level. Here’s what you should be concerned about:


Have you finalized the moving service yet?

After going through all of the bay area local moving services available at your disposal, you need to pick one finally. Select the best moving company that suits you the best. Also, the one you think that caters to all your moving needs. Make the correct choice after proper analysis. After this, let them know of your decision and provide them with the necessary information related to the date and address. 

Bay area local moving services

Did you finish making the address changes?

Only finalizing a bay area movers service provider does not finish your job. Collect all your financial and medical documents and do a check where a change of address is necessary. Apply and request the concerned authorities of the address change. Understand all that you need to do to get this done and proceed accordingly. Make an arrangement of the other documents that would be required to implement that change.

Did you complete segregating the items yet?

There are some items that you need, but they are not used every day, and you can do fine without them as well for a month. Are you done segregating those things properly? If not, you need to do that in this period.


One week before moving: How well-prepared are you?

Finally, the time has come for you to move. These are the things that you need to take care of when there is one week or less into moving.


Did you recheck all the essentials?

It is essential to recheck all of your details. These include all the addresses, all documents, all your possessions, and other crucial things. Make sure all the address changes are implemented, and the materials are ready. You need to ensure that the bay area movers are informed of all the details regarding the address of the new location. You need to recheck if all your utilities have been packed and are ready to be moved.

Have you kept the payment ready for the movers?

Make sure that you are ready with the payment to be made to the bay area movers. Keep the money available with you to avoid any problems later on. Also, keep some extra finances ready with you on the case a sudden need arises.

Did you inform them about your delicate possessions?

Make sure all the essential utilities are packed, and they reach the location safely. Inform the movers of the delicate possessions. Take care of all the essentials to ensure no damage is done to them. If in case you have any pets, make sure that they are taken care of, and they do not disturb the packing and the moving process.


These are a few points that you need to take care of when you are preparing to move. The task can be tedious and can be straining to you. Therefore, make sure that you are ready with everything beforehand and have no trouble at the last moment. The choices regarding the places and the movers should be wise. Thus, follow the above-mentioned procedures to have a tension-free moving process.


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