Top 5 tips to Moving with Pets

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Our furry companions are of different personality traits. However, there is one common trait in all of them. They take their own time in adjusting to a new environment. Having a sense of familiarity with their surroundings is something that makes them feel comfortable and safe. While moving to a new home can prove to be a stressful experience in itself. Moving with pets adds more challenges for us.

Top tips that come to your aid when moving with pets

Preserving a place in your current home

Your current home is surely going to look messy on the moving day because of the entire process of packing and moving the bags to your new home. In such a situation, the daily routine of your pet must not be compromised. Take them for walks and provide food at the same time as everyday.

 On the moving day, the  arrival of the moving company team might disturb your pets as they might not like the entrance of some strangers in their territory. Keeping them locked in a separate quiet room with essentials like food, water, kitty litter will help them avoid the unnecessary noises and sounds of moving boxes on the moving day.

Take all the necessary medications and medical records

It is necessary to visit your veterinarian and take the medical records along with the necessary medications before moving with pets. You can preserve a copy of the medical records to hand it to the new veterinarian near your new home. Make ensure your furry companion has got all the necessary vaccinations before moving to a new location.

Pack all the essentials

Finally, the day arrives when you are moving with pets. However, before you make a move to go out, check whether all the belongings of our pet are inside the bag. You can keep the grooming supplies, food, water, toys, blankets, leashes, collars, bowls and a first aid box ready for the pet. 

Make sure to update your pet’s tag and microchip with the new address.

Carrier Selection

The carrier will assist you in moving your pets to your new home. There are different types of carriers available, choose the carrier wisely as it plays a major role in ensuring protection and comfort to your pet.

It is important for your pet to stay calm and relaxed inside the carrier. Make sure to keep yourself calm and positive first and then your pet.

Make them comfortable with the new environment

When it comes to adjusting to the new environment we all are the same. We take our own time to settle in a new place. Our furry companions need some time as well. You can try to make them familiar with this new area by taking them for walks in the nearby dog parks. Allow them to move freely inside the new home. Don’t forget to leash your dogs when going out with them.

In the case of cats, they can get a little anxious in a new place and might even try to find a familiar place outside the new home. You must close the doors and windows as there are chances of your pet getting lost in the new area. Cats have a tendency to hide in dark places when introduced to a new place. They might hide under the bed or table in your new home. You must keep your cats under supervision for some days. With some time and space your cat will soon get comfortable with your new home.

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