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Moving has the advantage of letting you clear out your house by disposing of undesired and unused items. When you clean up before a move, you save money and time – moving is easier and less expensive when there are fewer things to pack and put onto a moving truck. Here are some of the finest tips from Movers in San Francisco for decluttering before relocating.

Deciding on what to get rid of

It’s a great idea to check through your belongings before moving, so you don’t end up transferring things you don’t want or haven’t used in a long time. While this is a daunting task, there are three essential questions you can ask yourself to help you determine what should remain and what should you dispose of:

  • When’s the last time you put something to use? You can probably get by without it if it’s not been used for more than a year.
  • Do you adore the product? We often maintain items that aren’t our style or don’t feel good wearing, especially when it comes to apparel.
  • Is the object sentimentally valuable? Even if you haven’t worn your wedding gown since your wedding, it doesn’t imply it’s something you would not like to get rid of.

Allow yourself some time

Don’t put off deciding what to pack and what to dispose of until just before the movers arrive. Instead, start planning at least two weeks ahead of time. Movers in San Francisco recommend setting aside a few hours to work on a separate room or closet in your home. You won’t be drawn to toss everything in boxes and call it a day if you work in little chunks.

Get rid of your unread books

Books weigh a lot of weight in boxes, which raises the cost of interstate or long-distance transfer. Full-service packing will cost considerably more if you retain all those books! How many books on your bookshelves have you never read or will never read again? If you’re honest, there are probably quite a few. Go through these today and donate so that they might be enjoyed by somebody else. This will assist you in decluttering before your relocation and save money on the major move.

The objects you never cared about completing

A few years ago, you got old furnishings or equipment at a garage sale with the intention of sanding, priming, painting, and restoring it to its former style. Of course, you put it in the home garage the day after you got it, and it’s been there ever since. Start repairing it right away, or get rid of it.

Sell your items online

If you don’t want to have trouble packing your belongings and paying for postage, local buy/sell/trade groups are a great choice. But, there are plenty of resale sites for folks who don’t mind going to the post office to sell their goods.

Get rid of old cups and mugs

You walk into the kitchen cupboard for a cup or mug to make yourself a cup of coffee. That’s when you realize you’ve collected mugs from every location you’ve previously visited. They most likely don’t match. Some of the cups are cracked and discoloured.

Get dispose of them as part of your pre-move decluttering. Start fresh in your new home with matching cookware! Additionally, getting rid of mismatched crockery means fewer boxes, fewer packing supplies, and a less difficult relocation. 

Old Rugs and Furniture

Because of their weight, these large, heavy goods can take up a lot of space in your moving vehicle or cause a hassle to move. Also, keep in mind that more weight means more money. A move is an excellent opportunity to start over. Pick up the furniture from your home, or hold a garage sale to sell items still in good working order.

Plastic Containers

We all have a cupboard full of plastic containers. Will you ever be able to find the covers to all of them? Packing all of the items will take time, and they will almost certainly not be unpacked. Movers in San Francisco recommend you to get rid of such items before you relocate. Replace them with glassware to go green!

Get rid of expired medications

When you’re relocating, it’s a good idea to clear out and empty your medicine cabinet. This is not just a space-saver, but it may also be a life-saver. Drugs lose their potency as they approach their expiration dates. As a result, if you’re taking them for a certain need, you might not be getting the right dosage. Take precautions and remove them.

Make a Box of Necessities for yourself

An essentials box contains items such as nails, a hammer, a box cutter, or a roll of toilet paper that you’ll need the day you move in. Label the box and carry it with you during the transfer so you can jump right in without having to sift through all of your boxes, looking for something you need.

Examine the Expiration Dates

There are a few products in your bathroom or pantry that have outlived their usefulness. Check for the expiration date or recall when you purchased something before packing it. Spices – you can keep them for years, although they lose their effectiveness after around six months. If you’ve owned that spice jar for a while, take a sniff and see what’s inside. 

Discard the jars if you don’t receive its strong aroma. Many beauty items, such as concealer and mascara, expire after a year in the bathroom. While wearing outdated cosmetics can cause allergies, it is a good opportunity to eliminate items you haven’t used in years.

Donate or discard your old electronics

Any electronics, even obsolete cell phones, can be removed from your possessions. You may be able to donate these to charity if they are in good operating order and are less than five years old.


Moving now will be easier, simpler, and affordable once you follow the above tips from Movers in San Francisco. Start afresh in your new home with new cookware, furniture, electronics, or add something new. There are many things that you can go gaga over in San Francisco. But, if you want to know how much you will be charged for moving your current things, get a quote from OCD Moving Services

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