What To Do When Your Moving Services Company Arrives

Tips For Moving Day

After months of planning and preparation, moving day is here, and your moving services company has arrived. As your professional movers are working, you may be tempted to watch everything they’re doing. How are they moving your piano? Did they scratch your hardwood floors or scuff the walls? It can be hard to sit back and watch as your moving services company does its job. However, it can also be tough to know what to do while your movers are moving. The best advice is to keep yourself busy while your moving services company is in your home. Try and stay out of your movers’ way as much as possible. However, if you want to help, we have a few tips for things you can do. Read on for a list of things to do before and on moving day that your moving services company will appreciate.

Before Your Moving Services Company Arrives: Pack And Label Ahead Of Time

Save time during your move and pack as much as you can before moving day. Make sure you:

–    Empty dresser drawers

–    Organize everything into boxes

–    Label everything with its proper destination

Have everything packed and labeled will help your movers know where things go in your new home. Your moving services company will appreciate your help, and you’ll appreciate the cost savings after the move. If you don’t have time to pack, OCD Moving Services is happy to pack for you. We can take care of everything from your furniture down to the very last glass.

Tips For Moving Day: Move Small, Fragile, Or Valuable Items Yourself

Your moving services company will always take precautions to ensure the safe handling of your items during your move. However, some things happen that are out of their control. For specific things you want to keep safe, you may want to move these yourself. Pack smaller, valuable items in your vehicle. These small, fragile, or valuable items may include:

–    Jewelry

–    Artwork

–    Small electronics

By moving valuables on your own, you won’t have to stress, and your movers can focus on the heavy lifting.

Tips For Moving Day: Offer Your Moving Services Company Refreshments

Moving is a tough job with a lot of physical demands. Your moving services company will likely work up a sweat, especially if you’re moving during the summer months. Offering cold refreshments is a great way to show your appreciation to your movers for their hard work. You can also provide snacks such as fruit or granola bars to keep them energized for the day ahead.

Tips For Moving Day: Provide Your Moving Services Company With The Room To Do Their Job

It’s good to be available for your moving services company when they’re there because they might have questions. You can always point out any boxes that contain fragile items. However, you should remember that you hired a professional moving services company for a reason. You should not micromanage your movers, so give them space to do their jobs. If you took your time to hire a reputable moving services company, you should trust them to do good work. Trust that they won’t just move your boxes, they’ll make sure your home move is a pleasant experience.

Tips For Moving Day: Make Sure Your Movers Have Easy, Hassle-Free Access

You can help your movers on moving day by making sure you know:

–    Where they should park their moving truck

–    How they can best access your apartment if you’re moving into an apartment

–    If there are any time limitations on parking or moving hours

Your movers will arrive assuming you know details on where to park and any other access restrictions. Make sure you know this information ahead of time, so you don’t delay their progress on moving day.

Tips For Moving Day: Don’t Use Large Boxes To Pack Heavy Items

You might think it’s a good idea to put all of your books in one large box. However, movers will find a big box of books challenging to carry. Also, a big box of books might burst on your move. If you need extra boxes, OCD Moving Services can provide 100 percent recyclable moving boxes.

Tips For Moving Day: Empty Your Drawers And Storage Units

It can be dangerous for your movers to transport dressers, armoires or desks with items still inside. Most movers won’t handle furniture or filing cabinets that still have things in them. Before your movers arrive, make sure you remove these items and pack them separately.

Tips For Moving Day: Stay Close In Case Your Movers Have Questions

While you should stay out of the way of your movers, don’t go too far. They might have questions and will want to be able to find you quickly if they do. You should stay around the house and let your movers know where to find you if they have any questions.

Tips For Moving Day: How Much Should You Tip Your Moving Services Company?

The standard tipping practice is $25 to $50 per move or ten to 15 percent of the total. Your tipping rate should depend on:

–    how long your movers worked

–    did they climb any awkward staircases

–    how pleased you are with their service

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If you’re looking to hire professional movers, call OCD Moving Services for a free estimate. We’re a full-service moving company and can handle all aspects of your move, from packing to unpacking. If you have unwanted items you want to dispose of correctly, we have junk removal services.

Additionally, if you need short-term storage solutions, we can help with that too. Our team has more than five years of experience helping Bay Area residents with local and long-distance moves. Our customer satisfaction rate makes us a top-rated moving company in the Bay Area. If you’re looking for professional movers to handle your commercial move, we can help with that too. Call us today for a free estimate.

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