Tips For Unpacking After Your Home Move

Steps for Unpacking

So you’ve made it through moving day. Congratulations! Hopefully, you’re satisfied with your professional movers and settling into your new home. Moreover, now the fun part begins – deciding where everything should go in your new home. Unpacking may seem just as daunting as the moving out process. How do you make sure your new place stays organized? What do you do with all the boxes once you unpack them? Unpacking can be stress-free if you have a plan.

How to unpack after a move

What do you see once your local move is complete? Giant piles of moving boxes in your new home. Boxes piled upon boxes can be overwhelming. After going through the stress of a move, you want to settle into your new place. However, unpacking is part of the moving process. Where do you begin to unpack? Keep reading for tips on how to efficiently unpack your new home.

Start with cleaning and repairs

In a perfect world, repairs take place before your stuff arrives. However, if painting or significant maintenance is required, it’s easier to do it in an empty home. Before you unpack your boxes, you want to start in a fresh, clean house.

Determine what your target unpack date is

You don’t have to have a hard and fast deadline for this. Instead, pick a time from which to work back. If you want to settle into your new place within a week, make a plan for each day. However, if you’re going to settle in over six months, you can set smaller mini-goals along the way. It’s helpful to create an unpacking calendar and stay on task.

Determine which box to open first

Hopefully, you created an “open first” box when packing. This box should contain necessities such as tools and paper towels. Locate the box and get everything ready to get to work.

Get your tools ready

You’re going to need tools to hang up your art and photos. It’s beneficial to have simple tools like a hammer and screwdriver on hand and set up on moving day. You’ll need these items when you want to start decorating. Putting up photos and personal things on the wall will instantly make your new place feel like home. 

Before unpacking, sort boxes by room

Before you start unpacking, organize boxes in the place in which they belong. Don’t open any boxes until you have them in their correct rooms. It’s much easier to move closed boxes before you open them.

Break down the boxes as you go

As you unpack your home, break down the boxes and stack them for recycling. You can take empty packing paper and other materials and place them in bags to set aside. Breaking boxes down as you go will make it less confusing in the end. You won’t have to swim through mounds of tissue paper searching for items still in the boxes.

What’s the best way to unpack after a move?

Determining which rooms to unpack first is going to depend on your family’s needs. With that said, decide which rooms you want to unpack first and start there. You will likely want to unpack your bedroom and bathroom supplies first. After a long day of moving, you’re going to want a shower and a warm bed. Also, you don’t have to empty every box to begin working through an area. As an example, maybe you set up your bed on day one, but not the contents of your nightstand.

In what order should I unpack?

Believe it or not, there is a standard order for unpacking. Read on for which rooms you should unpack first, and what order it goes after.


To make it easy, start with hanging up the shower curtain and unpacking towels. Unpacking these items will be easy, and you’ll be able to take a shower immediately.


Unless you want to eat out for a week, you should get your kitchen set up. It takes time to unwrap each appliance and get organized. You’ll want to plan some extra time into your unpacking schedule for this. Also, you can unpack the kitchen on the second day. Perhaps on the first day, you order in Chinese food and celebrate the completion of your local move.


It will also be essential to set up TVs, game systems, and other electronics. It can be time-consuming to set these items up because you have to hook them up correctly. Enjoy some much-deserved rest time and take in a show after setting up your entertainment.


You might have been living out of a suitcase for the last few weeks. If so, getting your clothes out and in your new closet will help you feel settled.

Unpack the rest

When you finish unpacking the rest determines on your target unpack date. It’s possible you may be able to take your time with everything else. However, be sure to use care when unpacking the artwork, mirrors, knick-knacks, and other fragile items. You want to be as careful unpacking as you were packing. Last but not least, enjoy your new home!

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