Sharing A Room? Questions To Ask Your New Roommate Before Moving In

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One of the most important decisions after the Bay Area moving company has helped you settle into the new place will be, “how am I going to manage the finances?” The rental units are highly expensive these days, and you will find it really challenging to afford and maintain it yourself. Therefore, you should consider getting a roommate to help you out with the finances and also in maintaining the house.


Finding a roommate


Before getting a person to move-in with you, you must get to know the person a little. Even if you two are friends or neighbors, living with someone will be a totally different experience. You must ask your potential roommate a number of questions before making a decision. These questions will help you in deciding whether you will be comfortable living with that person or not.

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Here are a few questions that you must ask.


What is your daily routine?


All these questions might take a little while, but it is important to know the kind of person that you will be sharing the house with. You should get to know about his or her daily lifestyle and what are the things he or she does.


How are the rent and other bills going to be handled?


A lot of times, people face issues related to rent. Roommates not transferring the rent and amount for other facilities on time can be a major and common headache. Therefore, it is crucial that you establish common ground before the person moves in. Find out how the rent and bills will be handled and how they will transfer the amount. Also, who should be responsible for paying them, and you should also get a fixed date for every month by when you must pay the rent and for other utilities.


How do you like to entertain?


You might be a person who is social and enjoys having people over at the house, and your potential roommate might not have the same personality. Or the other way around. Therefore, you should ask your roommate how often he or she likes to party or have social get-togethers. Also, find out the way they like to enjoy. You certainly don’t want a roommate who is too loud all the time.

Find out the timeline and the way as well


You must also ask about the duration of these parties or gatherings and how common they are going to be. You don’t want someone who will keep the house open for a lot of people regularly. Having a few people every other day is fine, but having someone in the house when you enter might get irritating after a while.

Also, get to know how spontaneous he or she is. This will help you figure out if these gatherings will be frequent or not. Moreover, ask about their mode of entertainment.


How will the chores be split?


A clear and obvious question but definitely something you would want to clear out before you move forward. How will he or she clean the house, and what area? You should also ask how often it is going to be. Or is each going to adopt a different zone? Be specific and make sure it is clear on how you two are going to split up the chores.


How are you going to move in?


It might not look like a significant question, but it will help you understand a lot of things about your potential roommate. Is he or she going to get a Bay Area moving company for the move, or will there be to friends to help out? If the person gets a professional Bay Area moving company, there are high chances that he or she will live an organized life. You will find the house in proper condition more often than not. Moreover, all of the things will also be properly packed by a Bay Area moving company, and there will not be any clutter in the house once your new roommate shifts.


What will you use the house space for?


There will be common areas as well in the house. It is important that the two of you come to a mutual decision on how space will be used. Does he or she need it for a specific purpose, or can you utilize it for your needs? Also, whether he or she will be working from home or will be going out regularly.


These few questions can help you figure out if you are shifting with the right person. It is crucial that your roommate has similar preferences and mentality. Otherwise, it can be a huge headache for you over the course of time.


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