Best Commercial Movers in the Bay Area

Are you looking for a top-rated commercial moving service in the Bay Area you can trust? Bay Area commercial movers OCD Moving Services is here to help. Our team of commercial movers in the Bay Area has experience in office moves and other types of commercial moves. No matter your business setup or office type, we can handle your commercial move. If you’re relocating your small, 20-person office, we can help.


Additionally, if you’re looking to transport a massive corporation to another part of town, we can help with that. We understand that Bay Area commercial moves are among the most stressful types of moves. As a business owner, you should be able to focus on the essential aspects of your business, not moving boxes. That’s why our team is here to provide you the support and guidance you need for a successful move. 


What Bay Area commercial moving services do OCD Moving Services Provide?

OCD Moving Services offers a wide range of commercial moving services in the Bay Area. Our expert team of commercial movers has experience in:

  • Industrial moves
  • Small office moves
  • Large corporation moves
  • Warehouse moving


Additionally, if you have proprietary information you need to store, we offer short-term storage for transitional commercial moves. OCD Moving Services can also save you time and energy with our commercial moving packing and unpacking services. Planning an office move in the Bay Area can be a high-stress job. First, you want to keep your employees happy during the office move. Next, you have a lot of proprietary information and equipment that you’re handling. You can trust that OCD Moving Services will make your Bay Area commercial move seamless and straightforward. We have years of experience providing commercial moving services in the Bay Area. 

OCD’s commercial movers consist of the following:
  • Commercial Movers
  • Office Movers
  • Industrial movers
  • Warehouse movers
  • All sizes of office moves are welcome
OCD moving services
OCD comes Prepared For your Commercial Move
  • Dumping and recycling of office furniture
  • Electronic recycling service.
  • Short term office storage service
  • Aquarium store movers.
  • Commercial heavy equipment movers.
Why Choose OCD Moving Services as your Commercial Movers?
  • Flexible hours.
  • Last minute moves are welcome.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Upfront and honest.
  • Prepared for any size move.

What Types Of Offices Does OCD Moving Services Handle?

OCD Moving Services has experience handling moves for a variety of businesses. We can help you if you’re an established business looking to remodel. Additionally, you can count on us if you’re a new business and looking to expand offices. No matter the situation, our professional Bay Area commercial movers are trained to help you. We hire and train only the best commercial movers in the Bay Area. Our commitment to hiring quality Bay Area commercial movers ensures that you get the best results for your move. As the saying goes, if our customers are happy, we’re happy.

Our five-star Bay Area commercial moving service has made us the go-to moving company for all types of businesses. As part of the commercial moving services we offer, we can also help you pack and unpack your office. If you want a commercial moving service you can trust, call OCD Moving Services.

Service Areas for office movers in San Francisco

In Which Bay Area Cities Does OCD Moving Services Operate?

OCD Moving Services provides commercial moving services in several Bay Area cities. The areas in which we provide service for office moves includes, but is not limited to:

  •   El Sobrante
  •   San Francisco
  •   Walnut Creek
  •   San Leandro
  •   San Ramon
  •   Dublin
  •   Pleasant Hill
  •   Orinda


OCD moving services is known for its safe, fast, and reliable service. Our services stand out against other commercial movers, office movers, industrial movers, and warehouse movers in the Bay Area. 

Why Choose OCD Moving Services as your commercial movers?

As the lead commercial moving service in the Bay Area, we’ve established an unbreakable bond with many businesses. Hence, welcoming large corporation and non-profit foundations, home stagers, event planners, designers to contractors and property managers. Therefore, we’ve got you covered with the best level of moving services.

  • Ongoing large corporation moves.
  • Event planners ongoing commercial move.
  • We help construction and contractors commercial moves.
  • Designer’s commercial moving.
  • Help property managers commercial moving.
  • Commercial movers experts for home stagers.
  • And many more moving services.

What Types Of Bay Area Movers Does OCD Moving Services Employ?

We hire a variety of Bay Area professional movers to ensure we’re providing a range of services to our clients. We thoroughly vet all of our professional Bay Area movers before we hire them. Additionally, our team is consistently receiving adequate training to ensure they remain up to date on proper moving practices. When you call to discuss your commercial move, you may be thinking your office move is complicated. However, we guarantee you that there is likely no situation OCD Moving Services hasn’t seen before. Our team is willing and ready to tackle any commercial moving situation that comes our way. 

The Bay Area commercial movers that OCD Moving Services employ including the following:

  • Commercial movers
  • Office movers
  • Warehouse movers

We don’t discriminate against how big or small your office is; we’ll work with offices and businesses of all sizes.

OCD Moving Services Comes Prepared for your Bay Area Commercial Move

When you hire OCD Moving Services for your next commercial move, you can trust we will come prepared. You will never have to worry about us damaging valuable items or losing any of your equipment. Our team of expert professional movers is skilled in handling commercial moves with care and safety. How to maintain the safety of your items is one of the first things on which we train our professional movers.

Additionally, our Bay Area professional commercial movers receiving training to handle the following:

  • Eco-friendly dumping and recycling of office furniture
  • Recycling of electronics
  • Short term office storage service
  • Aquarium store moves
  • Commercial movers who can handle heavy moving equipment

Eco-friendly practices are one of our main areas of focus at OCD Moving Services. Our junk removal service is one of our most requested services, especially for commercial moves.

Junk Removal Services for Commercial Moves

When you’re moving offices, you may be wondering what to do with electronics and other unwanted items. It’s imperative to practice safe and eco-friendly methods of disposing electronics. OCD Moving Services provides customers with junk removal services to help them dispose of unwanted items in an eco-friendly way. If you have large furniture that you no longer need, don’t dump it by the dumpster. Call OCD Moving Services, and we can dispose of it for you in an eco-friendly way. If you have any electronics, such as laptops, phones, and especially batteries, don’t throw those in the trash. It is terrible for the environment to put batteries in the dumpster. OCD Moving Services can dispose of your unwanted electronics in an eco-friendly way as well. Ensuring your Bay Area commercial move is eco-friendly is of top priority to us.

Why Choose OCD Moving Services As Your Bay Area Commercial Movers?

When you’re looking for a top-rated commercial moving company in the Bay Area, consider OCD Moving Services. You can guarantee that we have the experience necessary to make your move fast, easy, and seamless. Our trusted Bay Area commercial movers guarantee you receive the best service when planning your commercial move. We will never take on a new move until we have had a thorough conversation with our clients about their needs. Before we begin, we make sure we have all the information necessary to execute a successful commercial move.

Among the highlights of our Bay Area commercial moving service are:

  • Flexible moving hours
  • Ability to book last-minute commercial moves in the Bay Area
  • No hidden fees
  • Upfront and honest staff
  • Ready for any size of office move

We Keep Our Service Consistent at OCD Moving Services

To us, consistency is the answer to all successful commercial and office moves. Our professional movers are highly trained to put your needs as a business first. For that purpose, our Bay Area commercial movers do just that. Just like the other services we offer; OCD Moving Services prioritizes the “put the customer first” policy. As our customer, you are our priority at OCD Moving Services. Call us today for a free quote and see how we can help you.

We Ensure Smooth Moves At OCD Moving Services

Our San Francisco commercial movers are highly skilled to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible. We understand that as an operating business, you have deadlines to meet. As a result, you likely have a short window for packing, moving, and unpacking. Therefore, we offer flexible moving service hours so you can meet all your deadlines. In addition to that, we provide short-term storage for businesses that are remodeling or in transitional stages.



Throughout the years in business, we’ve built and developed relationships with many Bay Area businesses. As a result of happy customers, we continue to expand our ever-growing commercial moving business.


We know how costly and time-consuming looking for a new moving company can be. OCD Moving Services ensures the quality of our services so that we’re the only commercial moving company you’ll ever need. Call OCD Moving Services today for a free quote. We can’t wait to hear from you and discuss how we can help with your next commercial move.



At OCD MOVING SERVICES LLC, We are a fully licensed and compliant moving company to do business within and outside of the state of California.


Our crew members are trained to OCD standards, to ensure the safety of you, your positions and the general public.


We Are Experienced movers, and have extensive experience providing services in local moves and long distance movers, handling moves of all sizes, and all values.

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