How To Move Across The Country And Save Money

Are you planning a long-distance move soon, but on a budget? Moving can get expensive, especially when you’re crossing state lines. However, it doesn’t have to be. If you plan correctly, there are steps you can take to save some cash on your long-distance move. The key to saving money on your long-distance move is starting early. Also, hiring a top-rated Bay Area moving company can save you a lot of time when planning your long-distance move. In this day and age, time equals money, so why not save time, too? When moving across the country, there are certain things you can do to cut costs. One of the best things you can do is hire movers well in advance and plan accordingly. Read on for tips on how to save money when making a long-distance move.

Be smart when selecting your move-out date

When it comes to moving out before your long-distance move, timing is your friend. It’s often costly to move during a holiday and at the weekend. Try to schedule your move during a weekday when it’s less in demand. Also, the months of May through September are busy moving months.

Cut down on how much you own

Preparing for a long-distance move provides you with the perfect opportunity to sort through your stuff. Take the time to sort through the junk drawer, bins of old clothes, and movies you’ve kept for decades. Also, get rid of any old toys your kids no longer use. It feels good to part with things you no longer need. The smaller the truck you need and the fewer boxes you have, the less expensive the move will be.

Make money off items that you can sell

If you have items you can sell that you no longer need, host a yard sale. It can be useful to make a little money off things you don’t need. It’s also a great way not only to clean out your cabinets and drawers but make some extra cash. Having even an additional $100 on hand will add to the cost of relocation. If organizing a moving sale sounds like much work, sell larger items on Craigslist. 

Eat cheaply during your long-distance move

The cost of eating out can become an enormous expense. When we get busy with making plans for a long-distance move, it can seem more natural to want to eat out. However, eating out can become very expensive. Likewise, if you will be driving to your new home, you’ll need snacks for the road. You will likely end up eating multiple times while driving to your new home. You can save money on food for a meal or two and have a picnic lunch at a rest stop. If you do decide to pay for food, opt for fast food instead of a sit-down restaurant. You can also buy a case of bottled water to put in your car, so you have drinks available when needed. Having water in the car will save you tons of money on buying single bottles of water.

Moving for a job? Inquire about relocation benefits

Did you land a new job in a new state? Congratulations! If you’re moving for work, you should inquire about the company’s relocation benefits. Many companies will pay for all or part of a new employee’s move. It’s certainly worth asking the HR department if they cover relocation costs. If your company pays for your relocation, be sure to save all moving receipts. You will even want to keep receipts from moving supplies purchased. If you have all the valid receipts, you can document your expenses and get adequately reimbursed.

Plan your Utility Shut-Down Dates

In some cases, a utility company won’t prorate your bill as of your departure date. If your utility billing cycle doesn’t line up with your move date, cut off your service early. By cutting off your service first, you’re not paying for an extra month. Yes, it’s possible to survive without cable for a week or two. If you’re moving to a new city, research if it offers a free service to help you get the best deals on your new utilities.

Hire Professional Movers

When you hire a professional Bay Area moving company, you ensure the most high-quality move. Professional movers will place your belongings on the truck carefully. Additionally, they will transport your items to your new home and then unload the items. Full-service professional movers can provide things to make a move go smoothly.

Additionally, professional movers can secure any necessary parking permits they may need. Moving companies are also equipped with gear such as furniture pads and dollies to protect your items and make transportation easier. Lastly, moving companies can disassemble and reassemble your furniture, so you don’t have to.

In a nutshell: long-distance moves don’t have to be expensive

The cost of moving adds up, but you can make it as affordable as possible. If you do some work in the beginning to eliminate extra items you don’t need, it’ll save you money. Also, spend less cash on food and drinks on the drive. Lastly, let your professional moving company take care of the rest.

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