Tips For Packing Your Garage For A Home Move

Packing Up Your Garage

So, you’re preparing for your long-distance home move, and all of your rooms are packed. You’ve got your trusted home moving services company booked and your moving day is set. Great! Oh, but wait; did you pack up your stuff in the garage? You know, that place where things go when you want them “out of sight, out of mind”? It’s easy to forget about the garage when preparing for your home move. Plus, garages can be a huge pain to pack up. Most of us keep all of our unwanted items in the garage. Hence from where the term “garage sale” came. However, packing up the garage doesn’t have to be a pain. Read on for tips on the best way to pack up your garage. You may find it’s not such a drag after all. If you do determine it’s too hard of a task for you, call OCD Moving Services.

Clear Out Before You Move Out

We suggest sorting through your belongings when you’re packing up any room for a home move. However, sorting through stuff in your garage before your home move is even more critical. We know that organizing your garage can be one of the most tedious of tasks. However, organizing your garage stuff is an essential step to prepare for your local move. Start by designating an area for what you’re keeping, what you’re selling, and what you’re throwing away. You should be as discerning as possible when determining which items to keep. The items in your garage have been in your garage, after all. Do you think you really will use that extra couch one day? Transporting fewer items and boxes will resort in a lower moving bill. Do you want to start your new home with a crowded garage?

Host A Yard Sale For The Garage Items You Don’t Need

For any items, you don’t want to take with you, make a little cash by hosting a yard sale. Plan a yard sale and advertise it on Craigslist. You can make a little money and use it toward buying new home décor for your new home. It’s better to make a few dollars and give your unwanted items a new home, right? Whatever you don’t sell can be donated. For the rest of your questions, OCD Moving Services can dispose of them in an eco-friendly way. Our junk removal services ensure your unwanted items don’t hurt the environment.

Make Sure You Have The Necessary Moving Supplies

Before you start packing, make sure you have the necessary moving supplies. You’ll need extra towels or blankets for stuffing. Additionally, you’ll want to buy 100 percent recyclable boxes from your top-rated moving company. Having the right boxes will make your move much easier on moving day. If you have items already in boxes in your garage, don’t assume they’re ready to go. You should re-pack any fragile items that have been sitting in the garage for a long time. Additionally, make sure your boxes are sturdy and well taped. Make sure to pad your boxes adequately.

Don’t Pack Anything Not Allowed On The Moving Truck

Remember that there are certain items a moving services company cannot transport. Check with your local moving company before you pack any potentially non-allowed items. Items that are not typically allowed on moving trucks include:

–    Hazardous items

–    Plants, including soil

–    Corrosives

–    Flammable substances

–    Power equipment with fuel in the tank

–    Explosives 

Remember to ask your local movers for a complete list of specifics for each of the above categories. There is also a way to pack your lawn mower for transport especially. At least 24 hours before your move, drain it entirely of fuel. Then, leave the fuel tank open to evaporate any remaining vapors.

Got Odd Garage Items? Here’s How To Pack Them

Stored in your garage is likely a lot of odd items. Shovels, rakes, and other gardening tools aren’t intuitive to pack. To pack these items, wrap them in packing tape or twin with the handles facing the same direction. After that, cover the entire bundle of tools in a blanket. 

For bikes, disassemble them by removing the handlebars and pedals. You can also have a bike shop to pack them professionally.

For packing tools, pack them in their original boxes for the best protection possible. Make sure to remove any detachable parts of the tools to avoid damage.

Also, organize your toolbox. Keep all of your small tools in the toolbox for safe transport.

For your patio furniture, stack, disassemble or fold whenever possible. Make sure to clean the cushions and pack them in boxes.

Make sure to label all of your boxes clearly

When you have so many rooms to pack up, it’s helpful to label boxes. You don’t want your dishes ending up in your child’s bedroom. Be sure to label each box with its destination. Also, designate the fragile items clearly, so your movers are extra careful with those boxes. Labeling boxes clearly will make unpacking all the easier!

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