What To Do With Your Dog When Your Moving Services Company Arrives

You’re packed and ready for your moving services company to arrive, but what do you do with your dog? Even if your dog is used to short trips to the vet or the park, a move can be stressful. There are several factors to consider when preparing your dog for your moving services company to arrive. Keep reading for dog-specific tips on what to consider when preparing to move.

Keep Your Dog Safe

When your moving services company arrives, doors will likely be propped open. Make sure to keep your dog in a crate, or somewhere secure, so she or he doesn’t run out. It’s vital to keep your dog safe, so he or she doesn’t escape or get hurt. While your moving services company is there, keep your dog in a spare bedroom. Keep your dog in the backyard if there’s a fence. Also, you can keep your dog in a crate or kennel. The important thing is to keep your dog wherever you think they will be more comfortable. If the weather permits, keeping your dog outside might be the best option if your move will take hours. Also, keep your dog wherever it will cause the least amount of disturbance for your moving services company.

Keeping Multiple Dogs Safe

If you have more than one dog, you may want to hold them in separate places. They may become stressed and turn aggressive toward each other. However, you know your dogs best, so keep them wherever they’ll be most comfortable. Prepare for your moving services company to arrive by testing out different holding spots. You can test out how well your dogs will do in a crate, or a bedroom together. If they turn aggressive toward one another, then you’ll want to split them up.

Keep Your Dog Safe On The Drive

Once your moving services company packs the moving truck, you’ll be on your way. However, do you have a plan to secure your dog in the car? Unrestrained dogs can be a distraction and a safety concern. Figure out a way to restrain your dog while you’re driving to prevent injury to you and the dog. The restraint you choose should be big enough to allow your pet to sit, lie down, or stand comfortably. If you’re using a harness, it should enable a full range of motion in your dog without causing a strangulation hazard. If your dog will be in a carrier in the car, here are three things to consider:

Secure The Crate

Use a seatbelt or strap to secure the crate to the seat. You can also place it on the floorboard so that it won’t slide.

Create a SightLine For Your Dog

Place the kennel in a place where your dog can look you in the eye. Making it easy for your dog to see you can help ease anxiety.

Direct Airflow to Your Dog

Your dog must have access to airflow without it blowing directly into his face. If you roll the windows down, make sure your dog can’t stick his entire head out. You can run the risk of your dog jumping out of the car if the window is down too low. 

Are You Flying With Your Dog?

If you’re hopping on a plane after your moving services company takes off with your stuff, here’s what to know:

–    Make sure to check the carrier requirements for your airline

–    If you have more than one dog, you’ll have to transport them separately

Plan For Food, Water, and Potty Breaks

If you are driving to your new home, you’ll want to plan accordingly for food, water, and potty breaks. You might be able to drive for hours on end without stopping, but your dog needs breaks. Plan to take a break at least every couple of hours, for at least 15 to 30 minutes. You should give your dog a chance to walk or stretch their legs and go to the bathroom. Make sure your dog is drinking enough water at each stop. Additionally, speak with your vet about a feeding schedule ahead of time. It’s essential to time your dog’s eating schedule with their specific needs.

Will You Be Staying In A Hotel With Your Dog?

These days, many hotels are dog-friendly. However, some hotels have restrictions for breeds or size. Make sure to ask specifically about your dog before booking with a hotel. If your dog barks a lot, an Airbnb with more privacy might be a better option.

How Do I Keep My Dog Calm In A Hotel Room?

If your dog is tired, he or she will likely stay calm in a hotel room. You can consider taking your dog for a long walk before resigning to the room. Also, don’t leave your dog in the hotel room for too long. If you must go, make sure to contain your dog, so you don’t risk any damage to the room. You also don’t want your dog to escape while you’re gone. You can also cover the crate with a blanket. The darkness may encourage your dog to go to sleep. You can also leave your dog with a treat that will keep him or her entertained for a while.

How Do I Know If My Pet Is Stressed?

Sure signs will tell you if your pet is stressed. Your moving services company can cause your pet stress. The long-distance drive can also cause your pet stress. Here are a few signs to tell if your dog is experiencing anxiety:

–    Digestive problems

–    Amplified hostility

–    Reduced hunger

–    Augmented sleeping

– Decreased interest in playtime

If you notice your dog experiencing any of the above signals, consider spending more time with them. Try to play more with your dog or exercise. Also, give your dog a familiar bed, toy, or blanket to provide comfort. If the symptoms persist after you’re in your new home, talk to your vet.

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