Why Moving In The Summer Is A Good Idea

The summer season is officially underway, which means more people will be planning their home move. Summer continues to be among the busiest seasons for Bay Area moving companies, including OCD Moving Services. People have good reasons for choosing to move in the summertime. Read on for several reasons why it’s a good idea to move homes in the summer. Once you’re ready to plan your home move, contact OCD Moving Services. A full-service home moving company, OCD Moving Services specializes in apartment moves and home moves, local and long-distance. Additionally, OCD Moving Services understands that now more than ever, it’s essential to protect our planet. Therefore, the moving company offers junk removal services to help you dispose of your unwanted items in an eco-friendly way.

Why Do People Move In The Summer? The Weather

When it comes to moving, winter can make it much harder. Therefore, many people prefer to move in the summertime. If you have experience moving cross-country during winter, you know how dangerous it can be. You’re dealing with ice on the streets, slippery roads, and snow in colder states. Also, there are the cold hands of your local moving company as they lug boxes onto the moving truck. Moving when the weather is hot makes it much more comfortable. Warm weather also ensures your items won’t get wet, moldy, or freeze. It’s especially helpful to move fragile items such as antiques that can be sensitive to weather.

You need to make sure you aren’t exposing your items to extreme heat. Things you want to keep out of extreme heat include:

–    Batteries

–    Candles

–    CDs

–    Cleaning products

–    Cosmetics

–    DVDs

–    Electronics 

–    Medicine

Summer Is The Perfect Time To Host A Garage Sale

Summer is also an excellent time to host a garage sale before your local move. People love to attend garage sales during the summer, so it’s the ideal time to host one. You can make money while getting rid of unwanted items. The money, and having fewer things, will help with the expense of moving.

Summer Is A Good Time To Sell Your Home

People are also moving during the summertime because it’s an excellent time to sell a home. Summer and fall are when houses start to sell. Selling and moving go hand in hand. You sell your house, you move. Alternatively, you may decide to move, so you sell your home. What’s the moral of this story? Houses and people move the most during the summer.

Your Kids Are Out Of School

Moving during the summer is the perfect time to move because your kids will be out of school. The school year begins in the fall, so you should try and move before the new school year starts. You will need to factor in time to research good schools, so you’ll want to move in the summer. Also, it’s easier to move when your kids are out of school. Moving in the middle of the school year can be difficult for your kids, and your entire family. Another benefit of having the kids out of school is they can help you move. Many parents enjoy having input from their kids during the move. Kids who are satisfied with their new home are likely to be happy and excited to move.

Roads can be Less Crowded

People usually go on vacation during the summer, leaving behind their daily commute. The result is highways and roads are often lighter and less crowded. Especially in big cities, you’ll find far less traffic during the summer months. Less traffic means getting to the destination sooner, which means lower costs and less stress.

Home Repairs Can Be Done

During a home move, people take the chance to make changes to their new home. Perhaps they want to paint, redo the floors or put in a new story. Making these types of changes during the winter months would be hard. However, during the summer, the homeowner can work on the roof without worrying about slipping on ice or snow. People can also leave doors open after painting to let the fumes air out. 

Moving For Summer Work

Some people find seasonal work for the summer and are forced to relocate. Seasonal hiring trends are usually more popular in the winter, but some still move for work in the summer.

Students Leave for College During the Summer

Additionally, summer is when students move out of home and go to college. Sometimes students will move away from the Bay Area and to another state. High school graduates who don’t move away for college might also move out of their home for the summer. 

The Days are Longer

If you’re moving locally, you’ll appreciate there being more daylight when you move during the summer. The extra hours of daylight give you more time to move, unload the moving truck, and settle in. It can be tough trying to unload boxes in the dark.

There are many reasons why people move in the summer. For that reason, it makes sense why there’s a spike in moves during the summer months. So, if you do have to move during the summer, make sure your reserve your Bay Area moving company early. 

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