What Does A Moving Services Company Do?

Moving Services Company

Are you considering hiring a moving services company for your next move, but you aren’t sure what they do? You may think it’s simple to throw things in boxes rather than pay for a home moving service. At first, planning a home move seems simple: you put items in boxes then put the boxes in your car. Right? Wrong. A moving services company does much more than just put things in boxes and put boxes on a moving truck. The work of a home moving service company starts before you pack a single box. Read on to find out what a moving services company does. Then, consider whether it will be beneficial to hire a moving services company for your next home move. Chances are, after reading this blog post, you’ll understand the value that a home moving services company provides.

A Moving Services Company Will Take Inventory Of Your Items

First, a home moving services company will review the list of items you’re moving to your new home. If you want your moving services company to move furniture only, this is something to discuss during the inventory stage. Your Bay Area home moving service will make a list of everything they’re in charge of moving. Moving services company OCD Moving Services provides inventory lists for every job. As a homeowner, you can ask to approve the inventory list to prevent any future discrepancies. Taking time to list every item your moving services company will take care of can lead to an efficient move.

A Moving Services Company Can Pack Your Home 

There’s a lot more that goes into packing than just putting items in a box. A moving services company can handle the preparation of your items for you as well. Packing can be one of the most stressful tasks associated with planning a home move. When packing a single box of things, you must:

–    Carefully place the items in the box

–    Correctly label the box

–    Move the box out of the way

–    Pack the box into your car or moving truck

–    Move the box from your car or moving truck into your new home

–    Unpack the box at the end

Hiring a moving company to pack can save you a lot of time and stress when moving. A professional home moving company also employs professional packers who can likely pack your items better than you can. 

A Home Moving Services Company Will Protect Your Items

Most people worry about damaging their items when preparing for a home move. A good moving company will take time to protect your furniture as well as your home during a move. Some of the items a moving company will use for protection include:

–    Carpet protectors

–    Moving blankets

–    Padding

–    Plastic wrap

Professional movers with experience will know how to safeguard your old home and your new residence. Hiring professional movers can help you minimize the risk of damage and loss. When you work with a home moving services company, you won’t have to worry about broken items or holes in walls.

Professional Movers Ensure The Safety Of Your Moving Vehicle

On moving day, your moving services company will examine the moving truck to make sure it’s in top shape. Keeping your items safe while transporting them to your new residence is OCD Moving Services’ top priority. We know that much of the burden of safety and an efficient move lies with the moving truck. Our professional movers drive these trucks every day, so we see the danger signs of which to be aware.

Professional Movers Load The Truck For You

Once you pack your belongings, the next step is the arduous task of loading the moving truck. The loading step can be much easier said than done. There are dangerous hooks and clamps to adjust when loading items onto a moving vehicle. A professional moving crew knows how to pack heavy furniture, big boxes, and fragile items. OCD Moving Services makes sure everything arrives at your new home in one piece. Professional movers excel at maximizing space and efficiency when it comes to loading a moving truck. A moving company will know how to position boxes, so they don’t fall. Additionally, moving companies know how to protect your valuables during transit. If you attempt to load a moving truck without experience, you run the risk of damaging your items in transit.

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Movers Will Secure Your Items In The Moving Truck

Professional movers will tie down heavier items in the truck, so they don’t shift and cause damage during transit. The benefit of hiring hot movers is ensuring the safety of your belongings. Movers will secure items in the truck using specialized tools such as:

–    Moving mats

–    Straps

–    Clamps

–    Locks

The above moving tools aren’t ones you likely have lying around in your garage. While you can rent moving equipment, it doesn’t mean you know how to use the equipment. Ensuring your items are secure is a moving day necessity that moving companies can do better than you. 

Professional Movers Know How To Drive A Moving Truck

If you have experience moving a ten-ton truck, you know how difficult it can be. Driving a moving truck isn’t the same as driving a four-door vehicle. A massive truck containing boxes and furniture requires careful attention while driving. Professional movers have the appropriate certification and registration to guarantee safety and security when driving a moving vehicle. It can save you much time and stress by having a professional mover drive the moving truck for you.

Movers Help You Unload Your Items

Packing your items onto a moving truck is the first hard part; unloading those items is the second. Professional movers will take care of unpacking all of your furniture and boxes. Home movers have specialized training to move heavy loads with efficiency. Professional movers know how to effectively get your items from the truck and into your new home. Additionally, professional movers will take precautions to ensure that flooring, walls, and belongings receive protection from bangs, scrapes, and drops.

Professional Movers Help You Stay Organized

A moving team will coordinate with you on which pieces and boxes belong in which rooms. OCD Moving Services takes the time to ask our customers how to arrange the furniture in each room. When you opt for a full-service move, we will even unpack and put the furniture back together so you can relax.

Moving Companies Clean Up After The Move

Once everything is off the moving truck, professional movers will get the final sign-off from the customer. During that time, the movers will gather up blankets, padding, dollies, carpet protectors, and any empty boxes. With the clean-up help of professional movers, you have one less thing to do.

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If you’re looking for a hassle-free move, consider hiring a professional moving services company. With OCD Moving Services on your side, you’ll have energy left to start the next chapter of your life. Call OCD Moving Services today for a free quote for your next move.


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