Tips To Ensure Your Moving Day Is A Success

Now that you’ve packed and you’re almost ready to go, you might think the hard part is over. While you’re almost at the moving day finish line, you’re not there quite yet. It’s hugely important to make sure you prepare well in advance of moving day. However, it’s equally as essential to make sure you are ready on moving day. If you’ve hired movers to do the lifting for you, you’ll want to make sure you’re ready for their arrival. Ensuring that your home moving services company has all the information they need will make your moving day go smoothly.

At OCD Moving Services, we’ve handled more than a few moves in our day. With that said, here are some tips to help your move day go off without a hitch.

Have Plenty Of Snacks On Hand

The last thing you want to have is low blood sugar. Moving days are always long ones. Inevitably, you’ll get hungry at some point. Keep granola bars, fruit, and snack-size bags of chips on hand. Also, make sure you have plenty of water and soft drinks. Having a snack bag to tide you over will keep you working for longer. If you decide instead to order lunch for everyone, have your wallet handy. In this case, it might be extra helpful to have cash on hand. You can use this cash to tip your home moving services company as well.

Protect Your Old Home

Protecting your home might sound odd since you’re moving out of your old home, but don’t mess it up before you leave. If you’re renting, don’t run the risk of your landlord taking money out of your security deposit for damages. Use floor runners to protect any parts of your floor where movers will be moving in and out. If you have small hallways, you might consider padding the walls as you carry furniture out.

Make A To-Do List

Make sure you keep a running list of things you need to get done before you leave. Did you empty the refrigerator and freezer? Did you get everything out of your bathroom? Is there anything left in any of the closets or drawers? These small, but essential tasks can sometimes be forgotten. Don’t try and keep all of your notes in your head. Write them down, or make a memo on your phone, and keep it with you on moving day. That way, you can make sure everything gets done before you leave.

Keep Your Kids Engaged

Making sure your kids stay occupied can be tough on moving day. Keep them engaged by enlisting them to help with the move. You also want to keep them safe and out of your movers’ way. However, you can give them small tasks to make them happy.

Have Your Pets Taken Care Of

If you’re moving with pets, make sure they’re taken care of on moving day. There will be lots of open doors and movers coming in and out. Don’t risk one of your pets escaping. It’s best to have your pet stay over with a friend or family member until you’re home. That way, you don’t have to worry about stressing your pets out.

Make Sure Your Phone Is Fully Charged

We know that sometimes we forget to charge our phones at night. Don’t forget to charge your phone the night before moving day. You won’t be sitting on your phone playing games on moving day, but you still need it fully charged. If your movers have to call you for anything, you want to make sure you get it. Also, if you have to make a last-minute call to your new residence, you’ll need your phone.

Keep Basic Cleaning Supplies Out

While you’ll likely be cleaning as you’re packing, keep some supplies out. Cleaning supplies will come in handy for any touch ups you need to do as your movers take boxes out. Some items to consider keeping out include a broom, dustpan, and sanitizing wipes. Keep your cleaning supplies somewhere where your movers won’t grab them and put them in the truck. Then, once your moving services company finishes, you can make any final cleaning touch ups.

Walk Through Your Place One Last Time

Even if you think you have everything with you, it’s a good idea to do one last check. Depending on where you’re moving, anything you leave behind can be challenging to get back. As you walk around, open all of your cabinets and check every closet. Make sure that anything you are taking with you is packed.

Pack Your Bag Of Essentials

You’re close to finishing your packing by now, but make sure you have your bag of essentials. This bag should include items you’ll need for your first couple of nights in your new home. In this bag, make sure to pack:

  • Toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other toiletries
  • Phone and laptop chargers
  • Credit cards and I.D.
  • Keys
  • Medication (if applicable)
  • Pet supplies (if applicable)
  • Batteries
  • Extra change of clothes
  • Towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Also, anything else you might need on your first night in your new home!

If moving with kids, make sure you have a bag packed for them too. You’ll want their pajamas to be readily available since they’ll probably be exhausted at the end of the day. Also, make sure you have their favorite toy or game nearby.

Are you planning a move soon?

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