10 Tips For Making Local Moves Easier

Preparing for your local move can be difficult. First, you’re uprooting your life, and maybe your family’s, to move somewhere new. Second, by now, you’ve probably accumulated a lot of stuff that will make packing it all up time-consuming and difficult. The actual process of preparing for your local move can be overwhelming. However, hiring local movers in the Bay Area that you can trust will make it a little bit easier. You’ll want to be ready before your local Bay Area movers arrive. To help make the moving process a bit easier, OCD Moving Services has 10 tips to make your move easier.  

Get Organized First

Before you start packing, you’ll want to get organized first. Make a to-do list and then create a schedule and a timetable for your move. If you don’t prepare ahead of time, moving day can sneak up on you very quickly. Having a to-do list will help you stay organized. You can use the timetable to plan out how much time you have. Also, organize the list by how long you think each task will take. For instance, it might take you three days to pack up your bedroom. If you calculate the time it will take to pack up each room, you can build an accurate schedule.

Downsize As Much As Possible

You only want to pack what you’ll need at your new place. Before you pack up your entire closet, see if there’s anything you want to donate or sell. Think about getting rid of those items you haven’t worn in years. Having less to pack will make your moving process much faster. Another benefit of downsizing is you’ll start fresh in your new place only taking items you love.

One Exception To The Downsizing Rule: Chargers

There is one exception to the downsizing rule, and that’s chargers and other electrical cords. Instead of packing them and sealing them up right away, leave them in an open box. While you’re moving other electronics, you might come across one with a missing cord. Trust us, at OCD Moving Services, we come across that scenario all the time. Also, once your local move is complete and you’re in your new home, it will make unpacking more manageable, too.

Pack A Necessities Box

Before you head out on your local Bay Area move, you’ll want to pack a necessities box. This box will include all the things you must have when you get to your new place. You’ll want to add items in this box that you’ll likely need for your first night at your new home. Include items in this box, such as:

–    Toilet paper

–    Bed sheets and blankets

–    Prescriptions

–    Eyeglasses

–    Any other personal items

Having a necessities box will prevent you from tearing through other boxes looking for the items you need right away. Also, make sure you accurately label the box. Your trusted local Bay Area movers will know to leave the box off the truck. You should pack your necessities box int the car with you.

Pack Important Items In Your Car

Along with your necessities box, you’ll want to keep other essential items in the car with you. Keep any necessary paperwork or other things you’ll need immediately in your vehicle. If your local movers pack it in the truck, it might not get there in time for when you need it.

Get Familiar With How You’re Packing

When you’re packing, don’t do it haphazardly. Make sure you are fully aware of all the items in each box. We understand that it’ll be hard to remember everything when you’re packing loads of boxes. However, if you label them correctly, it’ll be easier to determine what’s in what box. It’s helpful to write down a summary of the contents on each box. Also, try to be as accurate as possible when describing the items. Rather than saying “dishes and cookware,” you might want to say “dinner plates and wine glasses.”

Keep Boxes Light

Your Bay Area local movers will love you if you keep your boxes light. It’s a good idea to fill fragile items to the rim to keep them from moving around. You will also want to fill boxes carrying books to the rim. However, it’s easier to put books in small boxes to keep the boxes lighter.

Photograph Your Furniture Disassembly and Electronic Setups

Unless you’re hiring your local Bay Area moving company to disassemble and then assemble your furniture, take photos. So many people struggle with putting their furniture back together. It can be a very frustrating situation when all you want is to go to bed after your local move. So, if you’re doing it yourself, use a smartphone to take pictures, so you remember what goes where. Also, make sure you label each piece. Take photos of electronic setups, too, so you can watch TV as soon as you’re in your new home. Local Bay Area moves can be long and stressful, even if you aren’t traveling very far. Taking small steps to make your local move easier will make for a more enjoyable experience.

Skip The Bubble Wrap And Use Towels And Blankets

Bubble wrap can be expensive, and it’s bad for the environment. Plus, once you run out, it slows down your move until you get more. To avoid the lull of bubble wrap, pack breakables using towels and blankets. Packing breakables with towels and blankets can help you save on moving supplies and cuts down on boxes.

Change Your Services

Before your local movers arrive, make sure you change all services to your new address. By services, we mean Internet, satellite or cable provider, electricity, trash collection, and others. You can call each of your service providers to transition them to your new address. You’ll want to change your services within a week or two before moving. Once your Bay Area movers arrive and take your items to your new home, you can watch TV while you unpack. Plus, it’ll be essential to have power and water right away.

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