Stress-Free Tips For A Long-Distance Move

Before you hire your long-distance moving company, you want to prepare. Waiting until the last minute to pack up your home is never a good idea. At first, it might seem like you don’t have that much stuff to pack up. However, once you start cleaning out your junk drawer and your storage closet, you realize it’s a lot more than you thought. Packing can become very stressful when you’re planning a long-distance Bay Area move. You will start to question how and why you accumulated so much stuff. The more straightforward solution might be to throw everything away. However, unless you can afford a whole new house of things, that’s not possible.

With enough planning, preparing for your long-distance move can be stress-free. Here are a few long-distance moving tips.

Tips For Your Long-Distance Move

Sometimes you can’t get away with tossing everything you own into your trunk and hitting the road. In that case, here are helpful packing tips when planning for your long-distance move.

Start Planning As Soon As You Know You’re Moving

As soon as you know when and where you’re moving, start packing. Sometimes your long-distance move will take you thousands of miles away. That kind of move takes a well-thought-out plan! Whether you’re a detail-oriented person or someone who likes to go with the flow, everyone needs a plan. Make your packing to-do list and record it in a spreadsheet. Make sure you write down every moving-related task you need to complete. Creating an extensive to-do list can be a considerable undertaking, but it will be beneficial. Keeping a to-do list will keep your whole move in-check.

Develop A Schedule And Stick To It

When you’re planning a long-distance move, a schedule is going to be essential. If you’re planning a Bay Area long-distance move, you might not have the luxury of extending your stay in your current home a day or two. You will likely need to be out of your home at a specific date. With that in mind, it’s imperative to stick to a schedule. Specific tasks such as utility installation and new school enrollment will take priority. You don’t want to be stressing trying to complete everything at the last minute. To help yourself stay organized, schedule chunks of time on your calendar for moving-related tasks. You can also set up reminders on your phone. Staying on schedule will prevent much stress in the future!

Create An Inventory List For Your Stuff

Before you hire your long-distance Bay Area moving company, they’ll want an idea of how much stuff you have. Keeping an inventory list of all your stuff will help determine how much the long-distance movers will be moving. The only way to know how much stuff you have is to make a list of all of it. An inventory list will also help get accurate estimates for long-distance movers. Coming up with an inventory list can also help you stay organized when packing for your long-distance move. An inventory list will also allow you to keep track of your items on your long-distance move.

Make Sure Items Are Well-Packed

During your long-distance move, your items will be in the hands of multiple movers and riding in a truck for many miles. Make sure that everything you pack has enough cushion inside the box. Assure that you pack each box to the top and that nothing is loose. When packing for a long-distance move, pack like you would pack for long-term storage. Your Bay Area moving company will handle your items accordingly.

Organize Your Stuff When You Pack

Organizing your items when you pack can be a great time-saver. You can organize at least one box of “day one” things that you’ll want to begin using as soon as you get to your new home. The “day” one box would include pots/pans, plates, everyday clothes, and other belongings. Also, label boxes that contain fragile items. You should group all fragile items and mark them accordingly. The rest of your boxes can be organized by room or contents. Whatever will help you speed up your move, label your boxes accordingly.

Find Your Long-Distance Moving Company

When you’re moving thousands or even hundreds of miles away, a trusted long-distance moving company can be a huge help. It’s essential to find a long-distance moving company that you can trust. Part of this process is getting in-home estimates from at least three various long-distance moving companies. Schedule your estimates at least four weeks before you move. The earlier you plan the in-home estimates, the better. Also, don’t forget to make sure the price estimate is as accurate as possible. You can make sure the forecast is accurate by preparing for your in-home estimate. Also, make sure your long-distance moving company is well aware of any notes about moving day. A trusted long-distance moving company can also provide you with packing tips and packing materials.

Start Packing, Room by Room

Don’t try and pack up your whole house all at once. Trying to pack up everything will get very overwhelming. Instead, start small and then go big. Start by packing up a smaller room first. Ideally, this room will contain stuff that you won’t need until you move. The small rooms to pack first might be your guest room or the kids’ room. Pro tip: To help you pack and keep them entertained, enlist your kids’ help to pack.

Hire A Trusted Long-Distance Moving Company

Once you’ve gone through a few in-home estimates, hire the most trustworthy long-distance moving company in the Bay Area. Affordability is essential when making the decision, but you ultimately want to choose the moving company you trust most.

Keep Tabs On Your Moving Expenses

If you’re moving for work, make sure you’re keeping track of all receipts. Moving-related expenses, if you’re moving for work, can be tax-deductible if your company isn’t paying the bill. Remember to deduct your long-distance moving expenses when you’re filling out your taxes in the spring. Tax deductions for long-distance moves can save you much money in the future.

Call OCD Moving Services For Help With Your Long-Distance Move

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