How to pack heavy items when moving?

One of the most common mistakes when packing heavy items are, packing the items in large size boxes. When packing for heavy items always use small size boxes. For example for items such as books, records, CDs  that will naturally make the box heavier than normal. Using larges boxes for such items will make your moving more difficult. Either for you or professional movers that you higher.

Another common mistake packers make is to pack the boxes half with heavy items and half with lighter ones. We highly recommend against doing this. You might think that you are making the box lighter by putting lighter items on top of the heavy items, but that is incorrect. Doing so, you will cause damages to your lighter items.

In order

for the packers to fill the moving truck, they will need to stack up the boxes. Naturally heavy boxes on the bottom and lighter boxed on the top. But imaging stacking a heavy box of books that has lighter items on the top. Movers will have to place this box on the bottom and stack other boxes on top of it. Which In that case, the lighter items gets crushed in the box during this process.

Therefore, our team of expert movers always pack heavy items in smaller boxes. And they don’t recommend you doing that while packing heavy items. Unless, of course you are packing kitchen supplies, which in that case you can use dish Barrel or carton that is extremely heavy duty. Using extremely heavy duty boxes or specialty boxes can also ensure the safety of your belonging during your move.

4 things no to do when packing heavy items?

  • Don’t leave the box half empty.
  • Alway use small box size and fill it out completely.
  • Do not pack half of the box with heavy items and the rest other light items.
  • Never pack a large box full of books.

What size box should you use when packing heavy items?

Weather you are packing books, records and or cds, always use small size box. Because these items can easily get heavy in one box, hence making moving the box very difficult. Our team of expert packer at OCD Moving Services always recommend using a 1.5 cubic foot box. This will allow you or the movers to carry the box easier and faster.

Moreover, they can stack up the lighter boxes on top of the smaller heavy boxes. And this will ensure the safety of your belongings.

OCD Moving Services Packing Service in the Bay Area

Being Bay Area’s most trusted moving company, we take pride on our other moving services; such as packing services. Our expert crew of packers are highly trained to pack your possessions meticulously. Having doing this for so long, we know all the do’s and don’t of packing.

Why Choose OCD moving services to do your packing?

Weather you are packing your home or office, we are here to help. We know exactly what you need to pack and move hassle-free. A large part of moving it packing. And not packing correct could damages to your belongings. At OCD Moving Services, we treat your belongings as if it is ours. You can rest assured that your belongings will be handled with care.


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