Tips For Preparing Large Appliances For Your Moving Services Company

How To Move Appliances

Are you packing for your move but not sure how to prepare your large appliances? Read on for tips on preparing for your moving services company. When preparing for your home moving services company to arrive, smaller items are much easier to pack and organize. It’s easy to pack items such as:

–    Clothes

–    Books

–    Kitchen supplies

–    Various décor items

You can pack small items into moving boxes or storage containers. However, how do you address your larger items and appliances? It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and confused when thinking about moving appliances. Figuring out how to properly prepare them for your moving services company can be difficult without experience. However, if you’re choosing to pack for your home move on your own, we have some tips for you. Before your moving services company arrives, follow these steps to prepare your appliances.

Disconnect All Appliances Before Your Moving Services Company Arrives

Many moving companies will not touch hard-wired appliances. Moving services companies will also stay away from anything connected to gas, such as stoves and dryers. OCD Moving Services recommends hiring professionals before your moving day to make sure your items are safely unplugged. Your professional movers are not certified technicians to handle these types of appliances. It’s best to leave your items in the hands of electrical professionals. Make sure you don’t remove anything loose that could be inside the machine.

Appropriately Defrost Your Refrigerator Before Your Moving Services Company Arrives

Unplug your refrigerator for a minimum of 24 hours before the arrival for your moving services company. Allowing your freezer to defrost will give it plenty of time to adjust and prevent leaks on moving day. Also, you’ll want to make sure to disconnect the water line and make sure it’s drained. Once you unplug the refrigerator, make sure to clean and dry all the shelves. Cleaning will prevent mold and mildew from forming. You also want to clean the drip tray, which you can find at the bottom of the refrigerator. 

Take Care Of Your Washer Before Your Moving Services Company Arrives

When preparing to move your washer and dryer, find the various parts you the machine came with when it was initially purchased. If you didn’t save parts used to secure the drums, you should contact the manufacturer for a replacement kit. Your moving services company won’t be able to provide these parts. It’s more advantageous to know whether you have them or not before moving day to prevent additional stress.

Clean And Disconnect Your Stove 

Before your moving services company arrives, your stove should be cleaned from the inside out. Make sure you remove racks or securely fasten them to the stove. Also, make sure you turn your gas off before you disconnect if you have a gas stove. If you’re in doubt, call your gas company for help. Electric stoves will usually require less servicing. However, once you reach your new destination, you need to have your power supply checked. It’s essential to make sure you’re meeting current electrical requirements.

How To Move Appliances: Make Sure You Secure All Cords Efficiently

After all of your appliances are unplugged, you may notice how many cords you have. These cords can become easily tangled. For your safety, secure the plug of each device to the back with packing tape. Make sure the wires do not dangle or hang loosely. Any loose-hanging cords can cause someone to trip or could damage the appliance if it’s accidentally ripped out. To prevent any damages, make sure you tape down and secure all of your doors, cords, knobs, and extra parts.

How To Move Appliances: Empty Gas Tanks For Outdoor Tools

While these aren’t kitchen appliances, you also need to care for your outdoor tools. Anything with a gas tank needs to be empty before your home moving services company arrives. Items that may have a gas tank include:

–    Lawnmowers

–    Snowblowers

–    Scooters

–    Motorcycles

Pack Up Your Appliances Before Your Moving Services Company Arrives

For all appliances, you can pack lightweight, unbreakable items in empty spaces, such as the refrigerator or oven. You can also store and move blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, chair cushions, or clothing this way. Protect the items by wrapping them in plastic garbage before you use them to stuff into empty spaces.

How To Move Appliances: Tape All Appliance Doors and Lids Shut

Before moving, make sure to tape down and secure all doors, cords, extra nuts, or screws. You don’t want doors or lids swinging open when your movers are transporting the appliances.

What Is A Moving Company Unable To Do When Moving Appliances?

Movers are no more qualified than you are to disconnect high-voltage connections or gas supplies. If you haven’t arranged for a technician to prepare your appliances, you movers will be unable to help you disconnect. Specifically, your mover will be unable to:

–    Disconnect appliances

–    Reconnect devices

–    Disconnect utilities

–    Repair appliances

–    Remove or install window air conditioners

–    Disconnect or install television and radio antennas or satellite dishes

–    Perform any writing, plumbing, electrical, or carpentry services

Make sure you understand your responsibilities and have realistic expectations about how you can move your appliances. If you know how to move your devices, you can plan and prepare accordingly for moving day.

What Is The Best Way to Pack Small Appliances?

When moving small appliances, reuse the original box and packaging they came in if available. You can secure it in the box, tape it shut, and it’s ready for the moving truck. If you don’t have the original box, find a sturdy cardboard box that’s the appropriate size.

Have questions about packing appliances? Call OCD Moving Services for advice and a free quote

Despite how difficult it may be to move appliances, don’t try and answer the questions yourself. If you need information, call OCD Moving Services. Our team can point you in the right direction when it comes to whom to ask for help. We’re a full-service moving company that can offer you packing, moving, junk removal, and storage solutions. Call us today for a free quote.

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