How to Decide if Your Furniture is Worth Moving?

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Decluttering is a common first step in the moving process for most individuals. They search through their wardrobes, garage, children’s rooms, and other house sections for goods to give or toss out. Even so, the more objects you have to relocate, the more money you will have to pay to a moving company and the more objects you have to pack and unpack.

However, many individuals ignore their furniture, generally the heaviest and most expensive item to relocate. Sometimes there’s a legitimate reason to relocate your furniture regardless of the price. Still, other times, you’d be better off selling or giving it before moving and replacing it once you’ve settled in.

It’s not always easy to tell if your furniture is worth moving. But, let’s take a look at some questions which can help you in making your decision.

Is it long-lasting and functional?

High-quality furniture, especially anything practical like a table or bed, is usually always worth preserving. These are the elements that can pass down from one generation to another. Evaluate how much it will cost to replace that object with something of comparable quality and longevity before you get away with it. In most circumstances, it will be more cost-effective to pay to have it relocated.

Is it possible to relocate?

It is not always logical to move particular pieces. For example, that solid oak desk that requires three people to carry may not have been worth the difficulty of transporting to your new house. The same may be said for your backyard playset. If you have to disassemble it, keep track of all the components, then rebuild it in the next place, you may as well purchase a new one for your kids. You won’t likely repent of getting rid of an enormous, heavy, awkwardly formed, or tough to take down and reassemble furniture.

Is there any sentimental value to it?

Some objects have sentimental significance, whether that’s a cedar chest your grandmother once possessed or the dining table your children grew up around. Keep them safe! 

They can’t be replicated, and when you get rid of them to save money on your move, you’ll probably come to regret it later. But what if you have such a treasured item that you can’t accommodate in your new house or that you don’t feel will withstand the move? 

But it is worth noting that the moving company can take care of your valuable furniture.

Also, you can consider giving it to a family member or asking them to keep it until you return.

Is it going to fit in the new house?

Your new house will have a different arrangement unless you’re moving into the same floor plan. So, your furniture will not fit in the new place the same way it did in the previous one. Some components might not even fit. If you realize your pool table won’t fit in the new house, sell this before you relocate so you don’t have to spend to have it moved. Alternatively, leave it for the next owners.

Another factor to consider is your style. You might not want to utilize the farmhouse-style furniture you have today to design your new ocean-front property. What doesn’t work should be sold and replaced later.

How old is the furniture?

It’s one thing to have well-made antiques, but that 15-year-old couch or wobbly chair might not be worth the cost of moving. Older items are more prone to damage during the transfer, although the moving company will ensure all safety, and you may need to purchase new ones shortly after you relocate in to restore them. Even if it arrives in fine shape, why pay to ship something you’ll have to replace in another few years? Now is the time to sell it.

How much will it cost?

You might not be able to relocate everything you want when you’re on a restricted budget. You may like your piano and perhaps have room for it in your new house. However, you just do not have the funds to relocate it. You would consider selling it in that scenario. 

Ask about goods like your piano while talking to every moving company. Keep in mind that larger and more complicated objects will cost more to relocate. Finally, whether or not to sell your furniture might bring it down over whether or not you can afford to transport it.

Do you have the financial means to replace it?

Consider how much will be the cost of replacing your furniture before deciding to sell it. You can probably survive without the piano for a while. But, you won’t prefer being without a bed for a long time. Figure out how much it costs to relocate the item you’re thinking of selling. Then, look for a replacement online, taking into account shipping charges if you want it delivered. Which option is the most logical?


Whether you intend to bring all your furniture or just a few pieces, hiring a professional moving company can help you relax and enjoy your relocation. OCD Moving Services, a wide network of renowned and dependable movers — all licensed and insured — can help you relocate. With the team, you can relax on the moving day knowing that any furniture you choose to retain is in safe hands.

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