How do you Organize Packing for a Move?

Is Color Coding and Labeling Good for Packing?

One of the most common mistakes people make while packing for a move is creating a complicated labeling system with unnecessary charts of what each label means, color coding and so forth.

Using Complicated Charts

When moving often times people use color codes and then they develop a chart system to remember what are the color codes are for. For example, one customer decides to use color Red for bathroom box, green for kitchen and yellow for the bedroom. another customer decides on different colors for different boxes and rooms. And to make it worse they create a more complex chart system to remember what each color is for and where it is supposed to go.

Why is it better to use a different method than color coding?

The reason why this system will not only be time-consuming, it will also cost you more in movers time and therefore a higher mover bill.

It is good to remember that each moving company has different moves and customer throughout the week. They have to figure out what each customer’s system is and learn how to read each chart. Most of these moving companies that you hire get paid based on an hourly rate. This unnecessary system will stress you out, but it may also very well higher your cost of the move. Because now the movers have to spend time figuring your unique system out.

Our Mission and Goals

At OCD Moving Services we are a family and we consider our customers as a part of our family. As we would want for our family, not to overspend on a moving company and our main goal is to make your move as stress-free as possible. We highly recommend people to follow these easy steps while packing and labeling boxes. Either we help you with your move or if you choose a different moving company or even if you decide to move, these easy steps will save you time, money and energy:

  1. First, avoid color coding your boxes.
  2. Secondly, void complicated chart systems.
  3. Third, avoid using sharpie directly on the box.
  4. Lastly, void putting labels on the sides of the boxes.

3. Easy Steps to Pack and Label Boxes?

  1. Use Sharpie of any color.
  2. Label the box using the sharpie and write on a top of the box.
  3. Avoid writing directly on the cardboard. The cardboard can damage the sharpie and after the first few boxed the sharpie can be out of ink.

What are our Moving Service Area?

Our main goal is to make your move, fast, safe, easy and comfortable. Following these easy steps will help you have a better experience while moving to your new place. OCD Moving services provides services to the entire Bay Area. All moves are welcome if you leave in San Fransisco, Oakland, El Sobrante, Walnut Creek, and surrounding cities. If you are looking for a moving company that is reliable, well-known and affordable, search no more. We have the resources to help you and make you part of our ever-expanding family.

The sudden and immense impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. We take the necessary measures to ensure your safety.