Hire a Moving Company or Do it Yourself?

Moving, in general, can be a very stressful process. From finding a new place, planning, Packing, and Unpacking. The entire process can be time-consuming and frustrating.

You’ll have the option of planning, organizing and executing the move yourself. Or you can find a trustable moving company to help you with your move.


Steps You’ll Need to Take to Move Yourself


Buy or Prepare Moving Supplies


For this, you’ll need to buy or find moving supplies that will ensure the safety of your belongings. Such as heavy-duty boxes, commercial use tapes, labels, sharpies, shrink wraps and blankets. This on its own could be costly.


Packing Your Belongings


In this process planning and organizing before Packing is essential to have an easier and less stressful move. Organize each room separately and create different piles. Such as donation pile, wanted pile and unwanted pile.

Make sure to label the boxes to indicate what is in the box and where it belongs in the new place. This will help you save time unpacking. Always label the top of the box so you don’t have to look for the label once unpacking. The great thing about packing yourself is that you can always organize and get rid of your unwanted belongings. It is always great to declutter.


Wrapping Furniture and other Heavy Belongings


Furniture, TV and other electronics could be one of the most sensitive parts of your moving. But not to worry because there are blankets, shrink wraps and other moving supplies that are made exclusively to wrap and protect your heavy and sensitive belongings. At some additional cost, you can buy these types of heavy-duty moving supplies and used them to ensure the safety of your belongings.


Renting a Moving  Truck


If you have a big truck that you can load all your boxes and furniture, to transport it to your new place, that’s awesome. But, if you don’t, that is ok. Because you can always rent a moving truck when you are moving. Make sure to rent a truck that you can safely and easily operate.  

Hire Helpers


To move your bigger furniture and other heavy stuff, you might need some extra sets of hands. If you do, make sure to hire trustworthy individuals that will care for your belongings.

Since you will not be hiring a professional moving company, you might want to take some extra steps of verifying and background checking those individuals.


Loading the Moving truck


Loading the moving truck doesn’t necessarily need some special training. But it’s good to know how to load and unload the truck if you are moving.


To do that OCD Moving Services recommends that you load your heaviest and larger stuff to the back of the truck. And as for the boxes, it’s better if your heavier and non-fragile boxes to go on the bottom and then top them with lighter boxes.


Unloading your Boxes & Unpacking


Unloading and unpacking your moving boxes is one of the most important parts of your move.

These processes can take up a lot of your time and energy, especially if you do not plan for it in advance. Or if you don’t have experience of labeling boxes so you know where they go.

3 Easy Steps you’ll need to take to Hire Professional Movers

Search for a good moving company in your area


It is essential to your search that you find a moving company that has a good reputation. A trustable moving company that is reliable and will treat your belongings with care.

Finding good movers in the bay area is easier than you might think. Movers who have online profiles on Yelp and or google businesses are easy to asses and choose from.


You can easily go through these moving companies profiles and reviews to find out about their history. It’s important to know what their previous clients say about them.


Get a Moving quote and Hiring a Professional Moving Company


Before hiring a moving company, you would want to do your due diligence. Make sure to have quotes from different moving companies to have a better understanding of the prices. Always check for the extra services they provide and charge for.


For example, OCD Moving Services does not’ charge for using heavy duty moving supplies. We offer free shrink wrap, free use of TV protection and also heavy duty blankets. This on its own is always an extra charge that other companies might not mention before getting hired. You always want to ask for extra charges and additional services before making the final decision


Choose their Additional Services


Professional movers usually offer additional services to help make your moving experience better. At OCD moving services we offer professional packing and unpacking services. Our team of professional movers are carefully trained to pack your belongings to the best of care.

We have specialty boxes for your different needs. We offer wardrobe boxes and other heavy duty Packing materials that we use for this additional service.

The other additional services that we offer to help ease your move, is auto transport.

OCD Moving Services


Our team of professionals at OCD Moving Services in the Bay Area is ready to help you with all your moving needs. We strive to make this stressful process as stress-free as possible.

Moving interstate to just to another city, we welcome it all. OCD’s team of expert movers is here to help with all your moving needs. We take pride in our customer’s satisfaction rate and our goal is to keep our customers happy and make their move as stress-free as possible.

The sudden and immense impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. We take the necessary measures to ensure your safety.