Preparing For Your In-Home Moving Company Estimate

Before you hire your local moving company, they will come in and take an in-home moving estimate. Local movers will base your in-home estimate on your furniture and household items. During an in-home estimate, a local moving company will visit your home to prepare a list of your furniture. Your local Bay Area moving company will also ask questions about the details of your move. Obtaining this information will help your local moving company provide you with the most accurate moving estimate possible.

We recommend that you schedule your in-home estimate with your local moving company at least four weeks before you move. However, before your local moving company visits your home, follow the below tips to prepare.

Research A Local Moving Company

Before you start to request in-home estimates, you’ll want to research local moving companies. Find reputable Bay Area local movers that service your needs. You can choose up to three moving companies to provide you with an in-home estimate. Once you’re ready to reach out, set up the estimates online or by phone. OCD Moving Services offers free quotes to customers looking for local movers in the Bay Area. Ask each local moving company about their site survey requirements. You might also be able to find these requirements on their website. Some local moving companies will ask clients to complete an inventory checklist for furniture. An inventory checklist for furniture works best for homes with two or fewer bedrooms.

When Should I Book An In-Home Estimate With Local Movers?

You should book your in-home estimate as soon as possible. The date of your move will likely influence the price and availability of your local moving company. Make sure you choose to do your in-home estimate well in advance. That way, you can get on your local movers’ schedule. You want to request your in-home local moving estimate at least four weeks before your move. If you are on a tight moving schedule, being prepared for your in-home estimate is more important.

Make A List Of Your Furniture

To prepare for your in-home estimate, make a list of all the belongings you plan to move to your new home. A list of your furniture is going to be very helpful for your long-distance movers. Having an inventory on-hand will also speed up your in-home estimate process.

Label The Items You’re Planning To Move

To keep your in-home estimate accurate, make sure you are clearly labeling any furniture you plan to take. Make the notes bright and easy to see. That way, when your local movers are doing an in-home estimate, they can find what you’re taking. If you aren’t sure whether you’re planning to move a particular item, include it. It’s always better to overestimate your items to your local movers rather than underestimate.

Determine What Services You Want Your Local Moving Company To Provide

Before you hire your local moving company, you’ll want to know what you want them to do. For example, OCD Moving Services can do more than pack items into a truck. Ask your local moving company about additional moving services. If they know what you need ahead of time, that will help them better prepare for moving day. Here are a few examples of additional services local movers provide:

  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Long-term and short-term storage
  • Junk removal services
  • Piano and antique moving
  • Furniture disassembly and assembly

Check the local movers’ website for a complete list of services they provide. You can also ask the representative during your in-home estimate.

Be Present For Your In-Home Estimate

Make sure you have at least one person from your family present for your in-home estimate appointment. Someone will want to be present to show the moving company any hidden furniture in your garage, attic, or shed. Before the local moving company arrives, go through all of your furniture and note what you want to point out.

Make A List Of Questions

Before your local movers arrive for the in-home estimate, prepare questions for them. Here are some suggested questions to ask your local Bay Area moving company:

  • Are packing services include?
  • Is the estimate a binding estimate? If the estimate is non-binding, you could end up with extra fees on moving day.
  • How is cost determined? Do time or weight estimate the cost?
  • Are there added fees? Additional fees could be flights of stairs or distance of the moving truck
  • Is your moving company licensed or insured?

Things To Consider After Your In-Home Estimate

Getting an in-home moving estimate can be overwhelming. There might be questions that you wanted to ask but forgot. The best thing to do is to prepare for your in-home estimate. Also, trust your intuition upon meeting your local moving company. Once your local Bay Area moving company has come and gone, consider what your experience was. You do not want to work with local movers who were unpleasant. Your local moving company representative should be knowledgeable, prompt, and professional. You also want to make sure the representative provided you with the paperwork and documents you needed. When it comes to finding the best local moving company, a little preparation can help. If you feel unsure about any part of your move, ask your local Bay Area movers. It would help if you chose local movers who make you feel confident about moving day.

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