How To Prepare For Your Movers

Preparing for your movers is an integral part of any home or commercial move. Moving involves much preparation in general, but you mainly have to prepare for your movers. Between packing and downsizing your home, it’s easy to forget to plan for your movers. However, it’s essential to make sure your Bay Area moving services company can do their job on moving day.

Once your moving services company in the Bay Area arrives, they’ll want to hit the road. For that reason, make sure you have all your ducks in a row when your movers arrive. You want your movers to be able to get to work as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the last minute to get things you’ll need for your CA moving service. What do you need to prepare for your movers? We are glad you asked because we have ways you can prepare for your movers. Follow these tips for a smooth moving day.


Make Sure Everything Is Packed

 Before your movers arrive, make sure you have everything boxed up. Unless you’re using a packing service, you must adequately box up your items before your movers arrive. Make sure you have the right boxes and supplies before you start packing. You’ll want to use 100 percent recyclable boxes that are sturdy and size-appropriate for your items. Some specific packing materials you may want to get early are:

  • Boxes to fit any artwork, mirrors, and TVs
  • Containers in which to store clothes and electronics
  • Specific boxes for office files and supplies


If you pack properly, your movers will be less likely to break something. Once you pack your items, make sure you label the boxes accurately. You’ll want each box to correspond with a room in your new home. Knowing which boxes go in which rooms will make unloading much easier for your movers.


Advise Your CA Movers On Where To Park

 You don’t want your movers to arrive to any confusion on moving day. Not knowing where to park will slow down the moving process, and maybe cost you more. Parking seems like a small detail to include, but it’s imperative. A parking spot will be at the top of your movers’ minds when they arrive for moving day. Parking information is an essential item to include before your movers’ arrival. If you don’t have a driveway in which the movers can park, you may have to secure a parking pass. Make sure you sort out details regarding parking well in advance of moving day.


Prep Your Home For Moving Day

Before your movers arrive, make sure you prepare and protect your old and new home. If it is raining, you’ll need to prevent any water damage. You can avoid your movers from tracking mud through the door by placing large tarps in the doorways. Also, make sure to cover doorsteps, entryways, and hallways. Even if you’re moving in the summer, there’s still dirt the movers can track into your home. You also don’t want your movers to hurt themselves on moving day. Therefore, covering any areas that might be slippery is essential.


Can Your Furniture Move Through The Door?

Before moving day, you’ll want to make sure your furniture can get out of your house. Any professional moving service in the Bay Area can get your furniture in and out of your home. However, if you have tiny doorways, you will want to alert your movers. If they have a heads up, your movers can bring the appropriate supplies for your move. Also, you can measure couches and large items to make sure they can fit out your door or window.


Have a Plan for Your Children and Pets

You don’t want to have to worry about watching your children or pets when the movers arrive. Because movers will be going in and out, you don’t want to risk a child or pet getting hurt. If you’re moving and you have pets or small children, get help to occupy them while your movers are there. You can get a babysitter for your children.

Additionally, you can take your pet to a pet hotel or daycare. Occupying children and pets will prevent movers from accidentally tripping over a small child or animal. Additionally, you can keep your child or pet’s schedule intact on moving day.

Make Sure To Have Water and Snacks Handy

If you’re moving during summer, make sure to have plenty of water for your movers. Additionally, if you’re moving in the morning, providing coffee to your movers will be a nice touch. If your move is going into lunch or breakfast hours, having snacks, on-hand will also be helpful. These touches are small, but your movers will appreciate them immensely.


Get Cash Out For Tipping

People often ask if they have to tip their movers. No, it’s not a requirement for you to tip your movers. However, tipping movers who go above and beyond is a great way to show your appreciation. Tipping can vary, but many experts will say to tip your movers at least 5 percent of the bill. You’ll want to split the total tip up between each mover. You can also tip your movers a flat fee if you prefer. However, it’s good to remember that your tip should reflect the level of service you receive. Additionally, you should tip based on your satisfaction with the move as a whole.


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