Hazardous Items You Should NOT Pack

Dangerous Items To Pack

When preparing for your local moving company to arrive, remember that some items are hazardous to put on the truck. Some things may even be illegal for your local moving services company to take. As a general rule, you should not pack anything flammable, combustible, or explosive. What we’re saying may sound obvious, but it’s possible you’re packing items that are ticking timebombs, waiting to explode. Before your move turns into a disaster, read on for things your movers cannot pack on the truck.

What should I not pack on a moving truck?

There are many items you shouldn’t pack on a moving truck that you may not realize are a risk. Many people don’t understand that camp stove propane tanks are like a bomb in the back of a moving truck. Also, any aerosols under pressure can turn into a weapon. Bleach and other cleaning supplies are also a mess, and if mixed, can cause a fire. Other items you should not pack on the moving truck include:

  • Paint
  • Matches
  • Butane Lighters
  • Charcoal
  • Ammunition and guns
  • Fertilizer
  • Lighter fluid
  • Nail polish remover
  • Oil or gas of any sort
  • Pesticides and poison
  • Aerosols (i.e., hairspray, spray paint)
  • Cleaning supplies containing bleach or ammonia
  • Fireworks

What can happen if you pack hazardous items onto a moving truck?

There are many dangerous things in our homes that, if packed, can cause terrible consequences. If your local moving company packs any of these hazardous items, there’s a risk of a fire starting on the truck. If your local movers’ truck catches fire, and you’re found responsible, any loss will not be covered or insured. You can lose everything you own if you try and have your local moving company pack hazardous items. If you are found responsible for the damage done, you will not receive any reimbursement. Also, you could be held accountable for any injuries your local Bay Area movers sustain, or damages that are done to the truck, if a fire occurs. Also, if emergency responders come to the scene, they could send you a bill as well.

Be careful when packing for your local move

We can’t stress this enough – be cautious when packing for your local move. You also must be extra careful when packing for your long-distance move. Bay Area moving companies are fortunate to have beautiful and cool weather here. However, a moving truck is typically 20 to 40 degrees hotter than outside. For that reason, bottles of butane and aerosol can quickly expand when taken from cold to warm temperatures. When butane or aerosols expand, they can explode.

Packing hazardous items is against the law

Aside from it being dangerous, packing hazardous items is also against the law. If you attempt to sneak the above things into your local movers’ hands, you could be breaking the law. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, federal law forbids you from transporting hazardous materials without informing your mover. Also, a violation can lead to five years in prison and penalties of $250,000 or more. When you’re considering whether to pack that propane tank or not, remember you’ll be breaking the law.

What else shouldn’t you put onto a moving truck?

In addition to hazardous materials, your moving services company also won’t move anything needing special attention. For example, your local moving company will not move refrigerated or frozen foods, plants, or pets. We know, this sounds obvious, but just in case you were wondering, cats do not belong on moving trucks. You must find another way to transport items such as these to your new home. Also, we recommend you do not pack precious valuables on the moving truck. By precious valuables, we’re talking about high-value items. Your local moving company can pack them, but you want to think twice about putting them on the moving truck. High-value items can include:

  • Jewelry
  • Priceless collectibles
  • Precious metals
  • Or heirlooms that you cannot easily replace

What do I do with appliances that contain gasoline or oil?

If you are packing any household machinery that contains gasoline or oil, drain the liquid first. During the summer months, transporting hazardous materials can be a dangerous mixture with the weather. When packing items such as a lawn mower or weed whacker, make sure the tank is completely dry. Drain the oil and gasoline from these appliances before handing them over to your local movers. Taking the necessary steps to protect you and your local movers is vital. By taking the steps needed to avoid placing hazardous materials on the moving truck, you protect yourself and your property. Also, it’s for the safety of your local moving company and other drivers on the road.

Why Won’t Moving Companies Move Some Items?

All professional home moving companies have their list of items they will not move. You can get a detailed list of non-allowable things by calling OCD Moving Services. Some of the items local moving companies won’t touch are illegal to move. Therefore, it’s not just about moving companies being too cautious – they’re also being professional and abiding by the law. You want to work with a home moving company that follows the law. Don’t forget to ask your professional moving company for their full list of restricted items. You should request this list early in your preparation to avoid losing precious time later on.

Call OCD Moving Services For Your Professional Home Moving Needs!

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