Choosing a Moving Company for Long Distance

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Long distance move comes with a lot of responsibilities. Starting from what all items to take, how to take, which moving company to hire, etc., everything is an important part of your long-distance shifting process.

Coming to the mover you hire, you need to know some key things before choosing one. Want to know which factors can influence your choice? Let’s read them.

Consider what all services you need

First, make a list of services you need from a long-distance moving provider. Prepare a precise moving checklist to stay on track during your shift. 

  • Do you want to hire a packaging service or a company that helps you with the entire moving service? 
  • Do you have a specific item, such as a piano or a dartboard, that you want to relocate? 
  • Are you in need of storage solutions for some of your possessions? 

Before approaching the movers, try to ensure you get answers to all of these questions. And, try to declutter the unwanted things before moving. It will save some of your moving cents. 

Collect referrals and reviews

Seeking references is an easy answer to your dilemma of selecting the best long-distance mover. Yet, it is hard to determine who to trust for guidance. Here are a few resources to think about.

Friends & Family

A direct referral from someone you trust is very beneficial. And for this, your friends and family are the best ones you can go for. They can tell you the reality of a particular company, suggest the best one, and share with you the quality of the services they got from the respective ones. 

Online Reviews

This is the easiest process you can look for. Checking the mover’s website and getting honest client reviews can definitely help you. To be more sure, you can contact those customers, if you can. You may also look for comment sections where individuals recommend reputable movers and alert others of scams.

Seek for Quotes

When feasible, you must get in-home quotations for your relocation needs. If one of the firms gives you a low estimate or only works with you over the telephone or internet, you should act cautiously with them. 

When you compare these rates, you’ll get an estimate of how much it costs to relocate to the place you will move to. Comparing rates and other basic factors such as miles and fuel, extra charges, the degree of facilities supplied contract terms, etc., will give a better answer.

Try to go with a local moving company

When moving long distances, it’s always best to use local operators. It is easier to falsify licensing, credentials, and credibility if you solely work with a company through the internet. 

But, if you will work with a local mover, you can pay a visit to them. This will help you to do a proper inspection about that company. 

Have an In-home survey

A quotation can give a good idea of how much your move will cost. But to acquire accurate shifting rates, a moving company agent must come to your home and conduct a visual examination. If any long-distance movers hesitate to do so, consider it a warning sign and strike them off your checklist. 

Ensure to show the agent all of your things, even those in your basement and driveaway, during the in-home examination. Allow them to know of any specific services you might need. After the survey, you will receive written binding quotations from moving companies. Check if you are getting them or not.

Ask the moving company

Don’t forget to check for these things from the moving company representatives when they come for the survey.

  • Do they have proper licenses?
  • Are they insured?
  • Since when have they been doing this business?
  • Is it possible for them to transport specialized objects?
  • What other services do they provide besides moving?
  • Can they help you with the packing materials?
  • What sort of packaging material do they employ?
  • Do they provide storage and unpacking services?
  • What are their cancellation protocols?

The answers to all these questions will help you make a correct decision. You can think whether to choose them as your long-distance mover or not. Keep in mind that the more data you possess, the easier it will be to make a conclusion.

Check the credentials and licenses

Long-distance carriers who cross the interstate must obtain a Department of Transportation (DOT) number. This certification serves as proof that the firm is authorized to transport goods or persons. You can find about this in their ads or on the firm’s website. 

The moving company should have a transporter license from the FMCSA in the United States. Authenticating these numbers will help you make sure you are dealing with a legitimate company.

Have faith in your instincts

All of the prior ideas for selecting a long-distance mover are based on facts and reasons. But, at times you’ll need something more to come to the final option. And, that is your own intuition. 

When two or more long-distance movers appear to be equally acceptable to you and their pricing forecasts are almost identical, you may have to identify more about them. At this point, you have to understand your instincts. This might help you recognize the perfect fit for you. 

Complain if you don’t receive what you have asked for

You can stop the scammers and unethical moving businesses by reporting their misdeeds. You can do that by contacting a consumer protection agency in your city or state. 

If the moving company you chose is a member of a moving association, you can also submit a petition with authorities. If you have a long-distance relocation that passes state borders and runs into problems, you can contact FMCSA  and submit details about the circumstance as well.


Choosing a long-distance moving company is a critical procedure. If you have got the right one, you can enjoy your long-distance move and vice versa. Always try to be flexible for such a decision to save yourself a few bucks. No matter what, OCD moving services have everything for your long-distance move. Book a call with them and they can help you serve your needs.

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