5 Things To Take Care Of Before The Movers Arrive

5 Things To Take Care Of Before The Movers Arrive

Moving from one house to the other can be quite stressful. It is imperative to hire professional moving services. Read ahead to know about 5 things to take care of before the movers arrive. Also, learn about why you need professional movers. Next, check out a supply checklist, and tops tips to hire the best long-distance movers bay area. This is your complete pocket guide!  

5 things to do before the movers arrive

·   Get rid of what you don’t need

In one word, this is known as ‘decluttering.’ When you start living in a house, you keep piling things that you do not need. However, when you need to pack everything to move to another property, you need first to get rid of things you don’t need. 

You may be confused about how to make this decision. It is simple. You must think when the last time you used an item was? Before the long-distance movers bay area arrives, you can either donate these things or throw them away. 

·   Pack everything in separate boxes

You must start packing with several boxes in front of you. Different things must be categorized. This helps the company to know how to handle the items. For example, if a box says ‘clothes,’ then the company will understand that it is not fragile. However, if the box says ‘crockery,’ then the long-distance movers bay area will take extra care not to drop it. Also, they’ll take care not to let it hit against the vehicle corners during transportation. This organization method also plays a major role in helping you pack everything efficiently. When you make separate boxes, you can use space well. 

·   Label the boxes

After you have packed everything in separate boxes, you need to label them. By now, you already know how this is going to aid the long-distance movers bay area. However, do you know how is it helping you? Well, this trick helps you to know that you do not forget anything. You must prepare a list of the labels. Thus, when the loading and unloading processes are on, you can just keep ticking the names one by one. It helps you save a lot of time and energy. 

·   What to do with the appliances?

Moving appliances from one house to another is very tricky. You cannot do this alone. The answer is to use the help of specialty movers such as OCD Moving Services. The professional team can help to move appliances of any size. Some of the most common appliances are refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, microwaves, portable heaters, and more. All you need to do is inform the company beforehand. 

·   Check your house

Last but not least, please recheck your house before the movers arrive. You must go to every room in the house and conduct a thorough check. This way, you won’t forget anything when you are moving out. As a past tenant, you are responsible for leaving it clean and empty for new tenants to move in. 

Checklist for moving supplies 

OCD Moving Services is a long-distance movers bay area that provides exceptional packing material. “Dish packs” are boxes designed to shield glass, chinaware, and fragile products. Wardrobe boxes help you to pack your clothes. Different cartons are made for specific artworks, television sets, computer screens, and other household items. Items such as packing paper, tape, padding paper, markers, and mattresses are also available easily from OCD Moving Services. The team has moving blankets, moving pads, moving dollies, and piano moving supplies. 

Reasons to hire a professional mover 

·   Accountability

 A professional mover is accountable to you for any damage that happens to your items. Thus, the long-distance movers bay area will ensure that your belongings arrive safely. OCD Movers delivers on time at your doorstep. You do not need to go anywhere or worry about the safety of your valuables. 

·   Ease of work 

When you hire the services of long-distance movers bay area, you do not need to lift heavy boxes and packages. It is particularly helpful for those who have back problems or muscle pain. The professional team has the necessary equipment to make your moving experience memorable and enjoyable. 

·   Professional storage space

 It often happens that there is a gap between your terminating tenancy and the new tenancy. In such a situation, it is not possible to carry everything with you. Professional long-distance movers bay area provides ample storage options. You can get it delivered when you want, without having to rack your mind about tracking each item. 

·   Peaceful process

 You can enjoy a peaceful state of mind. The long-distance movers bay area is aware of:

  • transport lines to follow
  • how to place your items
  • methods to load and unload efficiently
  • professional behavior. 

Top tips for hiring a professional mover

Whenever you hire a professional mover, there are many things to keep in mind. 

·   Do not pay a large deposit

OCD Moving Services for not ask for such a massive amount of deposit. The aim is to build a professional relationship based on trust. 

·   Packing facilities

OCD Moving Services provides a range of packing facilities and materials that have been explained above in detail. No other worker in this domain is so well-equipped. 

·   Inventory taking

This implies that as the loading and unloading process will take place, inventory will be taken to ensure that none of your items are lost. 

·   No hidden charges

Last but not least, when you deal with the OCD Moving Services, there is a one hundred percent guarantee of no hidden or extra charges.

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