7 Questions To Ask Your Movers Before Hiring Them

Whenever you have to move to a new house, there are a lot of decisions that you have to make in a quick time. Right from selecting the perfect packing material to doing all the documentation, the tasks can be daunting. Therefore, hiring Bay Area moving services makes more sense. However, you can’t merely pick any moving company. There are a few things you should be sure about before hiring a moving and packing company. Here are the top 7 questions that you should ask your movers before hiring them. These will help you in figuring out whether you are making the correct decision or not.


Important questions to ask your moving company


Question 1: Do you have proper licenses?


To avoid any sort of rogue moving or scams, the first thing that you should check with your moving company is their licensing. All the Bay Area movers have a license number, and with their number, you can also check the complaints registered against them. Also, you will be able to figure out how legitimate the company that you are hiring is.


Question 2: What kind of insurance is provided?


Before letting your moving company handle your assignment, you should know the coverage they provide in case of a mishap. Whether you are moving across the street or to a different state, your CA movers should have the proper insurance to cover your materials. There should be multiple liability coverage options available to customers. They should be able to decide between full value protection and released value protection depending on their requirements. Moreover, you should get proof of insurance as well.


Whether insurance is included or not?


You should also clear it in advance whether the moving company has included the insurance in the package or not. If it is not included in the package, then you should be aware of the pricing and offers.


Question 3: Do they experience in moving the specific type of move?


Make sure you ask Bay Area movers whether they have experience with a similar type of move or not. In case you are shifting to an entirely new place, you will require long distance movers. In case you have highly delicate material to handle, and the moving company will need the appropriate packing material. Moreover, if you are moving to an apartment, you should know whether they will be able to move the items to the higher floors. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how much experience the company has with the type of move that you are looking for.


Bay Area moving services

Question 4: How do you quote for the move?


A lot of customers are caught in this. Be wary of how your moving company is making you the quote. Make sure to clear out whether everything is included in the quote or if there are going to be any additional charges. Ask them how they came up with the prices because there can be many hidden charges in the quote. You should also clearly know what is included in the quote and what isn’t.


Question 5: Is all the necessary equipment available?


You will also need packing services from your CA movers. Therefore, it is beneficial to know whether your moving company has the required equipment and tools or not. They will need various packing materials to pack everything properly and safely. Moreover, the company will also require furniture blankets. They will also need hoisting equipment to do everything without causing any damage to any item or human. So, when you opt for Bay Area moving services, ask them about the equipment and the tools that they have and will require.


Question 6: Are there any restrictions?


Some companies have restrictions related to the items that they won’t move. Moreover, there are moving companies who will not agree to take your items to your house and simply deliver them outside. So, make sure that you are clear about the restrictions that your movers and packers have. They should take all the items, pack them properly, and unpack them at your new place after safe transportation.


Question 7: Do you have workers as contractors or employees?


There are moving companies that hire subcontractors who they can’t really control directly. On the other hand, if they have workers, they will be more cooperating and reliable. They might not have years of experience. However, at this stage, you also need Bay Area moving services and people who can lend that extra hand to help. Someone who will take your items to your house and also unpack them for you will come in really handy. So, don’t be afraid to question who will be assigned to complete the move for you. You should also know how long these workers have worked for the company.


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