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At OCD it is our mission to bring quality to the moving industry, To be the best of ourselves in every situation; and to give moving our all and push others to do the same. When looking down from 4 flights of stairs at a full truck, we know this is our time to shine, dig deep within and set ourselves above the rest!!! We move all sorts of things for all kinds of reasons, and we work very hard at it. We work hard to ensure everything we touch will be left exactly the way we found it. We take extra precaution to achieve this goal. We have the highest quality Moving equipment and train tirelessly to make sure we get things right. Do accidents happen? Yes, they do, and a big part of being the best of ourselves for our customers and OCD is honesty and responsibility.

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Is moving just about the skills to get the job done and getting it done well? Is it just about getting things from one place to another? No, it is not! Moving as we see it is not only moving boxes and furniture. We are taking into our care a family, an individual or a business as they grow or as they have struggled. For whatever the reason your moving we are here to make sure our part for you is done above and beyond with care and consideration to every aspect of the move and the reason for it in your lives.

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Moving can be stressful and believe us we understand. We move every day and come into contact with customers that are moving for all sorts of reasons, both good and bad. Moving alone can be stressful, full of added responsibilities to an already busy life and a real big inconvenience no doubt! But when the reasoning gets added and emotions are high moving can get downright unbearable! We do our best to be understanding and get our customers through anything. When we show up at your door, we have the attitude that you are now a part of our family and we have your back.

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